Be sure to check out my Scripting4Crypto initiative. It’s a fun way to get into using cryptocurrencies all while getting your PowerShell needs met.

If you find yourself in need of some assistance or could use a little coaching, please feel free to reach out. I’d be happy to assist. 


Over the past few years I have been developing PowerShell cmdlets for Bentley’s ProjectWise software. The intent of these cmdlets is to help simplify and automate a lot of the day to day tasks for ProjectWise administrators.

This blog is dedicated to using those cmdlets and helping to administer ProjectWise with the power and capabilities of PowerShell. I will be posting methods, scripts, functions, etc. which should make administering ProjectWise faster and easier.

How To install the PWPS_DAB module:


The following is a link to Bentley’s ProjectWise PowerShell Extensions Forum.

Bentley Communities – PowerShell

If you are looking for a good training course to get started with PowerShell, be sure to check out the following Channel 9 (formerly Microsoft Academy) course.


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