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You can obtain the change log for the PWPS_DAB module from within PowerShell.


  • Shows the latest changes.
  • Include the -ShowAll switch parameter to see the entire log file.


PWPS_DAB Module Location:

C:\Program Files\WindowsPowerShell\Modules\PWPS_DAB\XX.XX.XX.XX\pwps_dab.dll

Change Log Contents:

2022-04-28 Version

Added Cmdlets:

  • Add-PW365WorkAreaConnectionOIDC
    • Adds one or more rich projects to a PW365 as Work Area Connections.
    • Very detailed example included.
  • Set-PWWorkAreaConnectionDisabledOIDC
    • Allows you to disable an existing PW365 Work Area Connection which will hide it from users and remove PW Drive Sync from WAC.

2022-04-22 Version

Changed Cmdlets:

  • Import-PWDocuments
    • Added -MultiThreaded switch. Seems to provide substantial improvement in import speeds.
  • Export-PWDocuments
    • Fixed a bug with trailing periods in folder names.
  • Update-PWFolderSecurity
    • Made requested fixes to help and parameter handling.
  • Get-PWFileChecksumReport
    • Changed output to be datatable including more information about all the processed files.

2022-04-08 Version

Added Cmdlets:

  • Add-PWApplicationAction
    • Adds an application action
  • Get-PWDocumentReferenceElementIds
    • Provides a report of reference elements in DGNs.
    • Valid Element ID is required for Add-PWDocumentReference.

Changed Cmdlets:

  • Add-PWSavedSearch
    • Added the -AllEnvironments switch.

2022-03-25 Version

Added Cmdlets:

  • Remove-PWApplicationActions
    • Remove application actions

Changed Cmdlets:

  • Update-PWFolderNameProps
    • Where if the -NewName parameter is omitted, the cmdlet renames the supplied folders with a non-sensical name.

2022-03-22 Version

Changed Cmdlets:

  • {Folder}.GetFullPath()
    • Fixed bug preventing this from working correctly.
  • Export-PWDocuments
    • Fixed bug with folder names with trailing period (illegal on file system).

2022-03-16 Version

Changed Cmdlets:

  • Set-PWDocumentApplication
    • Added -ChangeVersionApplications and -ChangeFinalStatusApplications switches.
  • Export-PWTagMappings
  • Import-PWTagMappings
    • Fixed bugs having to do with Folder Property mappings which were not exporting or
      importing properly.

2022-03-08 Version

Changed Cmdlets:

  • Copy-PWDocument
    • Fixed example in the help.
  • Add-PWSavedSearch
    • Fixed bug where an invalid search was created if the Environment parameter was not passed. Now will create a search that searches all environments if no Environment parameter.
  • Update-PWFolderStorageArea
    • Fixed bug where rich project folders were getting downgraded to regular folders.

2022-02-16 Version


  • Changed the default mechanism for XLSX generation
  • Replaced a dependent file with the right version inadvertently substituted in v

2022-02-15 Version


  • Updated to .Net Framework 4.7.2.

Added Methods:

  • Enhanced the document object to include .GetFolder() to return the document’s containing folder object, .CopyOut() and .CopyOut(TargetFolder) to make it easier to retrieve a file, and .CopyOutReplicateFolders(TargetFolder) to copy out the file and replicate the ProjectWise folder path on disk. The target or parent path must be provided. Supports long paths, so it is possible to copy out a file to a path you can’t get to with Windows Explorer. There are File Explorer replacements that do allow you to navigate to deep folders (see FreeCommander at

Changed Cmdlets:

  • Get-OIDCToken
    • Changed default scopes. Seems to be required to get Start-ImodelConnectionProcessing and Get-ImodelConnectionRunStatus to work properly.
  • Get-PWUsersByMatch
    • Added -LoginInfo switch to ensure that the Federated Identity and Provider are populated in the user object.
  • Get-PWUserByLastLogin
    • Added -IdentityInfo switch to populate the Federated Identity and Provider in the user object.

2022-01-31 Version


  • No real big changes, but since this module was first released in 2017, the five year anniversary seems like a good time to increment the major version.

Added Cmdlets:

  • Add-PWRendtionPresentationOptions
  • Set-PWRendtionPresentationOptions
    • Presentation options allow you to associate an IPLOT .set file to a rendition profile.

Changed Cmdlets:

  • Get-PWRendtionPresentationOptions
    • Changed the data reported for the presentation options.
  • Export-PWDocuments
    • Added -UseUnderscores switch so that illegal characters in the ouput file path are replaced with underscores rather then the character names (e.g. {colon}, {pipe}, etc.).

2021-12-08 Version

Changed Cmdlets:

  • Get-PWUsersByMatch
  • Get-PWUserByLastLogin
    • Enhanced the user type to pick up Windows Synchronized users.
    • Type is now WinSync.

2021-12-08 Version

Changed Cmdlets:

  • Remove-PWUserFromUserlist
    • Fixed error message.

2021-12-06 Version

Added Cmdlets:

  • Update-PWFolderStorageArea
    • Cmdlet to update a folder’s storage area.
    • Use with care since this does not change a contained document’s storage area.

Changed Cmdlets:

  • Update-PWUserProperties
    • Changed Password parameter to require secure string.

2021-11-08 Version

Modify Cmdlets:

  • Get-PWProjectTemplates (and related)
    • Fixed a bug with finding the template locations.

2021-11-03 Version

Added Cmdlets:

  • Remove-PWIndexServerFileExtensionFilters
    • We had Add and Get. Needed Remove.
    • Manages the file extensions you don’t want to process for FullText, Thumbnail or FileProperties.

Changed Cmdlets:

  • New-PWRichProjectsFromSpreadsheet
    • Added some extra data validation

2021-10-19 Version

Changed Cmdlets:

  • Get-PWUsersByMatch
  • Get-PWUsersLoggedIn
  • Get-PWConnectedUserList
    • Fixed bug where -LastLogin switch was being ignored. Should have desired
      behavior now where that expensive query is bypassed unless explicitly included.

2021-10-05 Version

Changed Cmdlets:

  • Export-PWAuditTrailToSQLite
    • Added support for additional audit trail actions and objects.
  • Add-PW365Project
    • Removed rich project association logic.
    • At this time, PW365 projects don’t associate with PWDI Rich Projects properly.

2021-09-21 Version

Changed Cmdlets:

  • Get-PWDMTransmittalsForDocuments
    • Modified version handling a bit
  • Add-PWDocumentsWithCode
    • Added handling for some additional document code definition features

2021-09-20 Version

Added Cmdlets:

  • Get-PWDMTransmittalsForDocuments
    • Get a table with the containing transmittals/submittals for a collection of documents.
  • Export-PWWorkflows
    • Writes workflows and states out to a spreadsheet
  • Import-PWWorkflows
    • Imports workflows and states from a spreadsheet

Changed Cmdlets

  • Set-PWDocumentState
    • Added hidden -Force parameter

2021-09-02 Version

Changed Cmdlets:

  • Add-PWDocumentsWithCode
    • Slight change in the way the code columns are processed.

2021-08-30 Version


  • Changed module start-up script to force TLS 1.2 security and report module version.

Changed Cmdlets:

  • Export-PWEnvironments
    • Changed the way the column names are to preserve consistency.

2021-08-17 Version


  • Added digital signatures to some artifacts in order to allow loading under AllSigned and RemoteSigned execution policies.

2021-08-11 Version

Added Cmdlets:

  • Update-PWGroupProperties
    • Modify group properties

Changed Cmdlets:

  • Get-OIDCToken
    • Made changes to support new IMS protocols.
    • Federated accounts should work now.

Removed Cmdlets:

  • Get-OIDCClientToken
    • Removed. This was unnecessary.

2021-07-22 Version

Changed Cmdlets:

  • New-PWPowerShellScript
    • Functionality removed because there are better approaches built into ISE like Edit>Start Snippets
  • Import-PWDocuments
    • Fixed a lot of bugs. Sometimes -FoldersOnly or -IncludeEmptyFolders had anomalous results. The files in the root of an import folder would get erroneously removed on a second import run if -MakeProjectWiseMatchDisk was set. The validation reports did not populate correctly on the first import run. File last write dates were not getting properly recorded in ProjectWise leading to repeated imports of files with no changes.
    • Make sure you use -ServerIsUtc when importing to Bentley-hosted datasources because they are all UTC by default.
  • Copy-ValueToClipboard
    • Utility to copy a string value to the clipboard
  • Get-PWUsersLoggedIn
    • Added -ReturnCount switch for performance purposes.

2021-07-20 Version

Changed Cmdlets:

  • Get-OIDCToken
    • Added more debugging information
  • Update-PWUserSetting
    • Added General_CanAccessTrashCan as an option

2021-07-14 Version


  • Module publishing issues

2021-07-14 Version


  • Fixed problem with help file

2021-07-14 Version

Added Cmdlets:

  • Get-PW365Templates
    • Get PW365 Templates.
  • Get-ImodelsForProject
    • Get the imodels in the given Connected project
  • Add-ImodelToProject
    • Add a new imodel to a Connected project
  • Get-ImodelConnections
    • Get the connections for a given iModel
  • Add-PWConnectedProjectOIDC
    • Add a new connected project with OIDC Token
  • Get-ImodelConnectionInputFiles
    • Gets the PW Documents referenced in a connection
  • Add-ImodelConnection
    • Add PW Documents to an Imodel (creates as many connections as necessary)
  • Start-ImodelConnectionProcessing
    • Start processing the files in the connection
  • Get-ImodelConnectionRunStatus
    • Check and see if the processing has completed successfully
  • Add-ImodelNamedVersion
    • Adds “Named Version” to the imodel to view results

Changed Cmdlets:

  • Get-OIDCToken
    • Saves more information about the token to hopefully reduce login interactions

2021-06-22 Version


  • Dropped support for version 10.0.5.XXX of Deliverables Management Connector.
    • Only supporting 10.6.0.XXX at the moment.

Changed Cmdlets:

  • Get-OIDCToken
    • Added -UseCacheIfAvailable option (picks up the last token generated to bypass dialog). Otherwise, using the defaults we will try to refresh your token automatically. Probably will deal with the long running operation case in most scenarios.
    • General approach:
$oidcToken = Get-OIDCToken 
## will attempt to get a new token using the refresh token saved during the last session, otherwise will display dialog
foreach ($x in $xs) {
    if ($oidcToken.TTL() -lt 100) { $oidcToken.Refresh() }

    OIDC-Operation $x -OIDCToken $oidcToken
  • Update-OIDCToken
    • Now just requires Refresh Token and should generate usable OIDC Token directly.

2021-06-22 Version

Added Cmdlets:

  • Get-DirectoryListing
    • Fast directory listing you can output to XLSX or SQLite.

Changed Cmdlets:

  • Get-OIDCToken
    • Added -UseWebPage option (if you don’t want to use the dialog).
    • Changed default scopes to support User-Sync and Drive-Sync setting.
  • Sync-PWRichProjectAndConnectUsersOIDC
    • Added -NoDelete option.
  • Set-PWWorkAreaConnectionUserSync
    • Now enables Drive by default.
    • Added -SetPrimary switch which will turn on WAC primary setting.

2021-06-10 Version

Added Cmdlets:

  • Get-PWConnectedProjectUsersOIDC
    • Get the Connected Project Users. Supports report output.
  • Open-PWConnectedProject
    • Navigates to Connected Project page
  • OIDCToken Class
    • Added TTL() (time-to-live) and Refresh() methods to the object.
    • Use offline_access scope to get a “refreshable” token.
  • Get-PWFolderTreeAccessObjects
    • Get a list of all the user lists and groups with access assigned in a folder tree
  • Get-PWFolderTreeAccessUsers
    • Get a list of all the users with access assigned in a folder tree. Supports report output.
  • Remove-PWConnectedProjectUsersOIDC
    • Removes users from a Connected Project
  • Add-PWConnectedProjectUsersOIDC
    • Adds users to a Connected Project
  • Sync-PWRichProjectAndConnectUsersOIDC
    • Synchronizes users from PWDI rich project to associated connected project. Removes users as necessary.

Changed Cmdlets:

  • Get-OIDCToken
    • Changed to present dialog rather than navigate to web page
  • Update-PWFolderSecurity
    • Change to consistently return $true on success and $false if errors occur.

2021-04-28 Version

Added Cmdlets:

  • Get-PWFoldersHashTableById
  • Get-PWFoldersHashTableByGuid
    • Returns hash tables of all the folder paths allowing for easy lookup when reporting.
  • Save-PWFoldersHashTable,
  • Import-PWFoldersHashTable
    • When datasource has a lot of folders and is relatively static, may be useful to save the list and reuse rather than continually rebuild.

Changed Cmdlets:

  • Get-PWManagedWorkspaceVariables
    • Fixed bug that was crashing PowerShell.
  • Add-PWUsersToConnectedProject (and related cmdlets)
    • Added -SuppressTeamMemberRole parameter.

2021-03-16 Version

General Added:

  • Add the following methods to the Group object:
    • .UpdateName(string newName)
    • .UpdateDescription(string newDescription)

Changed Cmdlets:

  • Add-PWDocumentsWithCode
    • Updated to allow specifying a serial number.
    • Previous behavior was to ignore serial number if specified.

2021-03-05 Version

General Changed:

  • Changed the feature usage tracking logs in order to improve performance. The change should be noticeable.

Added Cmdlets:

  • Show-JWTValue
    • Use to show the formatted content of an OIDC Token. Can be used to validate or debug.

2021-02-24 Version

General Added:

  • Added the following methods to the Folder object:
    • .LocateRichProject()
    • .LocateConnectedProject()
  • Added the following method to the Document object:
    • .LocaterichProject()

Added Cmdlets:

  • Get-OIDCToken
    • First cut at getting OIDC token for use with some of the new web services. Won’t work in unattended use case.
  • Get-PWWorkAreaConnectionsOIDC
    • Uses new web services to get the Work Area Connection objects
  • Set-PWWorkAreaConnectionUserSync
    • Uses new web services to set User Sync for Work Area Connection objects. Rquires both Connection Client and OIDC tokens.

Updated Cmdlets:

  • Get-PWWorkAreaConnections
    • Updated to allow passing in list of Connected Project Ids in additon to folder objects

2021-02-20 Version


  • Made changes to to the feature usage tracking which should make it less delay-inducing and more secure.
  • Updated the Aspose.PDF library to v
    • In the past, these updates have generally been improvements in terms of performance and fidelity.
    • All the PDF cmdlets will be affected.
  • Added the Aspose.Words library v to support Word file manipulation.
  • Added StatusChangeDate property to the document object properties

Added Cmdlets:

  • Update-PWWordDocumentFields
    • Update the defined fields in a Word Document (title block update).

2021-01-28 Version


  • Made changes to support recently released versions of the Deliverables Management Connector

2021-01-27 Version


  • Updated the Aspose.PDF library to v
    • In the past, these updates have generally been improvements in terms of performance.
    • All the PDF cmdlets will be affected.
    • New versions of PWSearchWrapper.dll and PWSearchWrapperX64.dll are delivered to support Get-PWDocumentsBySearchExtended.

Added Cmdlets:

  • Get-PWDocumentsBySearchExtended
    • Latest search cmdlet.
    • Adds parameters for Environments, Workflows, Storages, Applications, Creators, Updaters, CheckOutUsers, Status (CheckedIn, CheckedOut, FinalStatus, Exported, ComingIn, GoingOut),  and ItemTypes (Abstract, Set, Normal).
    • Includes Geospatial search support (Requires LL84 Coordinate system to be installed).
    • Includes ReturnColumns list like Get-PWDocumentsBySearchWithReturnColumns.
    • The populated properties on the returned document objects is also extended.

Changed Cmdlets:

  • Add-PWProjectShareConnection
    • Changed this to allow you to pass an existing Connected Project ID rather than requiring the rich project to already be a Connected Project.
  • Update-PWRichProjectProperties
    • Updated to include optional explicit ordered list of properties to update from auto-lookups and auto-select. Subsequently, will attempt to do all other lookups and classes.

2020-12-22 Version

Added Cmdlets:

  • Switch-PWDatasourceDatabaseUser
    • Use to switch between database users.
    • Changes ODBC user in the ODBC entry and changes dmskrnl.cfg
  • Reset-PWServerWhiteList
    • Use to install least restrictive rule set for the SQL Whitelist version of ProjectWise (

2020-12-17 Version

Changed Cmdlets:

  • Get-PWUsersInGroup, Get-PWUsersInUserList
    • Fixed bug dealing with invalid CreatedDate for users

2020-12-16 Version

Changed Cmdlets:

  • Copy-PWDocumentsBetweenDatasources
    • Fixed problem with flat set support and fixed issues with audit trail copy.
  • Get-PWUsersInGroup, Get-PWUsersInUserList
    • Updated to include correct values for IsConnected, IsDisabled, CreatedDate

2020-12-15 Version

Added Cmdlets:

  • Added a .GetSubFolders() method to the Folder object.
    • Will return a list of subfolders and populate the .SubFolders list property.
  • Get-PWFolderView
    • Returns Document List view and Preview Pane view for a folder.

Changed Cmdlets:

  • Add-PWUsersToConnectedProjectByGroup
    • Fixed bug when Connected Project ID not explicitly provided.
  • Copy-PWDocumentsBetweenDatasources
    • Fixed to support copying attributes, audit trail, dates and ownership along with file.

2020-12-10 Version

Added Cmdlets:

  • Added a .Locate() method to the Document and Folder objects.
    • Will attempt to locate the document or folder in PW Explorer.
  • Added a .GetFolderDocuments() and .GetTreeDocuments() method to the Folder object.
    • Will populate the FolderDocuments list and TreeDocuments list respectively.
  • Remove-PWSavedSearchBySearchID
    • Delete search by ID.

Changed Cmdlets:

  • Update-PWFolderSecurity, Remove-PWFolderSecurity
    • Updated to return more informative error messages.
  • Remove-PWDocuments
    • Now returns Error ID on failure
  • Set-PWFolderWorkflow
    • Added help information.
    • Now returns Folder Object(s) for use in the pipeline.
  • Updated Clear-PWFolderWorkflow, Set-PWFolderView
    • Added help information.
  • Update-PWFolderNameProps
    • Change to accept an InputFolder object and emit updated ProjectWise Folder object.
  • Get-PWSavedSearches
    • Added more informative warning messages.
  • Remove-PWSavedSearch
    • Added more informative messages.
    • Fixed bug where ALL saved searches were deleted if no parameters provided.
  • Add-PWUsersToConnectedProjectByUserList
    • Fixed bug. Should work now.
  • Add-PWUsersToConnectedProjectByGroup
    • Fixed bug. Should work now.

2020-12-07 Version

Added Cmdlets:

  • Get-PWRichProjectForFolder
    • Get the parent Rich Project of a folder
  • Get-PWRichProjectForDocument
    • Get the parent Rich Project of a document
  • Get-PWWorkAreaConnections
    • List the existing Work Area Connections (called ProjectWise Connections on your Connected Project home page)
  • Update-PWWorkAreaConnections
    • Update the stored Web Service Gateway address and datasource for exisiting Work Area Connections (called ProjectWise Connections on your Connected Project home page)

2020-11-16 Version

Changed Cmdlets:

  • Reset-PWPDFText
    • Added support for over-stamping text.
    • Should be used with invisible text.
    • Added switches are -StampOverText to force stamping,
      -Rotation to override text’s rotation, -Opacity to control opacity, -Font to override existing font, -OverrideSize replacement font size.

2020-11-12 Version

Changed Cmdlets:

  • Convert-PWUserToFederated
    • Added test to determine if the user’s email or the specified identity already exists within the current datasource.
  • Update-PWFolderSecurity
    • Fixed bug with -IncludeInheritance switch

2020-11-09 Version

Added Cmdlets:

  • Update-PWFolderSecurityByGroupSwapWithWorkflow
    • Supports group substition for access control.
  • Get-PWManagedWorkspaceConfigBlocksFromFolder
    • Returns a data table containing the Managed Workspace configuration blocks for the input folders.
  • Get-PWEncodedPassword
  • Get-PWDecodedPassword
    • Provides a standard way to hash and decode a password.

2020-10-27 Version

Changed Cmdlets:

  • Import-PWDocumentsFromArchive
    • Fixed bug where the archive was required to contain an exported audit trail table. Now is not require.
  • Add-PWDocumentsWithCode
    • Fixed bug where “optional” code elements were being ignored.

2020-10-15 Version

Changed Cmdlets:

  • Export-PWDocumentsToArchive
  • Import-PWDocumentsFromArchive
    • Added support for version stacks where name/filename may vary through
      the stack, references and flat sets. Calling this archive format version 2.

2020-10-07 Version

Add Cmdlets:

  • Get-PWFolderTreeDocumentSizeByDepth
    • Reports size and max update date for folder trees by depth.

Changed Cmdlets:

  • Copy-PWFoldersBetweenDatasources
    • Added support for version stacks where name/filename may vary through the stack.

2020-10-05 Version

Changed Cmdlets:

  • Get-PWTagSetAttributes
    • Had not been included properly in the module.
  • Get-PWTagSetAttributeBindings
    • Had not been included properly in the module.
  • Copy-PWFoldersBetweenDatasources
    • Added version string support for copied documents.
  • Add-PWConnectedProject
    • Fixed a bug where a retired endpoint was being accessed.

2020-09-24 Version

Added Cmdlets:

  • Get-PWViewColumns
    • Lists columns in a view.
  • Remove-PWViewColumn
    • Removes a column from a view.
  • Remove-PWEmptyFoldersFromDatasource
    • Removes all the empty leaf folders
  • Add-PWDocumentsToEmptyFoldersForAzure
    • When using blob storage connected with RClone, all storage folders need to contain a file.
  • Add-PWDocumentLogicalSet
    • Make ad hoc logical sets of documents with a parent and multiple children.

Changed Cmdlets:

  • Copy-PWFoldersBetweenDatasources
    • Add -IncludeAuditTrail switch and added support for copying flat sets and recreating them.
  • New-PWRichProjectFromTemplate
    • Fixed a bug where target storage area was not being properly set

2020-09-16 Version

Added Cmdlets:

  • Add-PWSavedSearchOrGroup
    • Adds an OR page to an existing saved search.
  • Get-PWFlatSetsBySearch
    • Search for flat sets.
  • Get-PWTagSetAttributes
    • Returns all attributes associated with a TagSet.
  • Get-PWTagSetAttributeBindings
    • Returns all bindings associated with an attribute

Changed Cmdlets

  • Import-PWDocuments
    • Fixed bug with -Exclusions parameter

2020-09-09 Version

Changed Cmdlets:

  • Import-PWDocuments
    • Improved long folder path handling (with directory names longer than 63 characters).
    • Added -Exclusions parameter. Can include an exclusion list like ‘thumbs.db’,’*.lnk’,’*.tmp’, etc.

Added Cmdlets:

  • Get-PWUsersLoggedIn
    • Get a list of currently logged in users.

2020-09-04 Version

Changed Cmdlets:

  • Get-PWUsersByMatch
    • You should see exponential performance improvements. Probably only noticeable on large datasources, but should improve operations that would take minutes to under a second. A lot of the other user-related cmdlets will probably benefit, too, from these changes.
  • Get-PWDocumentsBySearch
    • Fixed bug with where nested personal saved searches were not being found.

2020-08-28 Version

General changes:

IMPORTANT NOTE: All of the web related cmdlets (creating/manipulating CONNECTED projects, Transmittals, RFIs, etc.) now require a token as a MANDATORY parameter. Previously, when a token was not provided, we were just querying your Connection Client for the token. Now, we want you to do that explicitly and save the token in a variable for reuse.

Use this:
$token = Get-PWConnectionClientToken
or this:
$token = Get-PWNonFederatedLoginToken -UserName -Password $ss -CreateWebToken
to get a token appropriate for use in the -Token $token or -ConnectToken $token parameter.

Add Cmdlets:

  • New-PWManagedWorkspaceConfigurationBlock
    • Create new configuration block (CSB) for any of the various types.
  • Update-PWManagedWorkspaceConfigurationBlock
    • Allows the updating of name and description of CSBs.
  • Remove-PWManagedWorkspaceConfigurationBlock
    • Allows for the deletion of a CSBs.

Changed Cmdlets:

  • Get-PWDocumentsBySearch
    • Added support for nested personal saved searches.

2020-08-20 Version

Changed Cmdlets:

  • Copy-PWFoldersBetweenDatasources
    • Fixed bug where copying ownership and attributes wasn’t working.

PWPS_DAB Version:

Changed Cmdlets:

  • Copy-PWFoldersBetweenDatasources
    • Added support for copying documents.
    • Will copy document ownership, create, update and file update dates, document state, workflow and attributes (if environments match).
    • Copies versions.
    • Will preserve reference relationships if master and references are contained in the folder tree to be copied.
    • Will preserve reference relationships to/from version documents.
  • Add-PWUsersToConnectedProject
    • Fixed bug relating to RBAC Roles. Was reporting spurious error.
  • Add-PWExternalUsersToConnectedProject
    • Fixed bug relating to RBAC Roles. Was reporting spurious error.
  • Add-PWUsersToConnectedProjectByGroup
    • Fixed bug relating to RBAC Roles. Was reporting spurious error.
  • Add-PWUsersToConnectedProjectByUserList
    • Fixed bug relating to RBAC Roles. Was reporting spurious error.

2020-08-07 Version

Added Cmdlets:

  • Import-PWWREWorkbook
    • Import Workflow Rules Engine definition workbook
  • Export-PWWREWorkbook
    • Export Workflow Rules Engine definition workbook
  • Get-PWWREActionsForWorkflow
    • List Conditions and Actions for each workflow/state

Changed Cmdlets:

  • Get-PWFolders
    • Fixed bug with path building.
  • Get-PWRichProjects
    • Fixed bug with path building.

2020-08-04 Version

Added Cmdlets:

  • Update-PWWREUsers
    • Add Workflow Rules Engine Super User and Rollback User
  • Add-PWWREOperationType
    • Add/replace Workflow Rules Engine operation types
  • Get-PWWREOperationTypes
    • List Workflow Rules Engine operation types
  • Copy-PWWRETablesBetweenDatasources
    • Copies Workflow Rules Engine rules, actions, conditions, operations between datasources

Changed Cmdlets:

  • Get-PWFolders
    • Using the -PopulatePaths switch should be much faster.
  • Get-PWRichProjects
    • Using the -PopulatePaths switch should be much faster.

2020-07-30 Version

Added Cmdlets:

  • Remove-PWUserListByMatch
    • Remove a user list with a wild card search definition
  • Remove-PWGroupByMatch
    • Remove a group with a wild card search definition
  • Update-PWUserListProperties
    • Allows update to user list name or description
  • Test-PWWREActionsWithSuperUser
    • Test your workflow rules engine definitions for valid rules that require super user actions.
      • Will return True if no super user actions for all valid rules.
      • False if there are super user actions associated with valid rules.
    • If False, you should redefine the rules to prevent unauthorized access and to prevent data corruption.

Changed Cmdlets:

  • Import-PWProjectAccessControl
    • Fixed bug where “Everyone” would not get added to folder/document security.
  • Update-PWFolderSecurity
    • Added -MemberAccessString parameter to allow users to pass desired access control in the following format “FPCDrwSRWf-“.
  • Select-PWSQLDatatable
    • Updated to allow access in reporting user mode.
  • Get-PWCurrentUser
    • Updated to all usage in reporting user mode.
  • New-PWDocument
    • Updated to ensure file extension included in file name.

2020-07-22 Version

Added Cmdlets:

  • Add-PWWREUserGuardTrigger
    • Inserts a trigger on the wre_setting table to prevent removal of super user and rollback user settings.
  • Enable-PWWREUserGuardTrigger
    • Enables trigger on the wre_setting table to prevent removal of super user and rollback user settings
  • Disable-PWWREUserGuardTrigger
    • Disables trigger on the wre_setting table to allow removal of super user and rollback user settings

Changed Cmdlets:

  • Add-PWWREGuardActionToWorkbook
    • Changed default behavior so that all action sequences are incremented.
    • Use switch -OnlySuperUserActionSequences to just update the sequences that use the super user (original behavior).

2020-07-15 Version

Added Cmdlets:

  • Add-PWWREGuardActionToWorkbook
    • Inserts a super user action as the first action in a workflow definition spreadsheet.
    • Prevents workflow execution when client and server versions are mismatched.
  • Get-PWConnectedProjectRoles
    • Will return a list of all roles available in project and organization

Changed Cmdlets:

  • Add-PWUsersToConnectedProject
    • Now handles Role membership more correctly. You can just pass a list of emails and roles now and all listed users will be added to the listed roles.
    • If users are not already project users, they will be added.

2020-07-14 Version

Added Cmdlets:

  • Copy-PWFoldersBetweenDatasources
    • Copies trees of folders between datasources.
  • Get-PWRenditionProfileComponentsSourceDistributionFolder
    • Returns the source distribution folder associated with the provided destination option output folder name.
  • Update-PWRenditionProfileComponentsSourceDistributionFolder
    • Updates the source distribution folder associated with the provided destination option output folder name with the provided value.

Changed cmdlets:

  • Import-PWDocumentsBySpreadsheet
    • Fixed bug where attributes sometimes would not import.
  • Get-PWRichProjectTypes
    • Fixed bug where sometimes not all project types were listed.
  • Get-PWRichProjects
    • Changed behavior to report when an invalid folder path was passed and then exit.

2020-07-07 Version

Added Cmdlets:

  • Copy-PWFolderViewsToFolders
    • Replicate global document list views and preview pane views from one folder tree to another.

Changed cmdlets:

  • New-PWRichProject
    • Changed to copy global document list views and preview pane views from template to target.
  • Add-PWUsersToConnectedProject
    • Changed to support Connected Projects simply identified by ID and users identified simply by emails.

2020-06-23 Version

Added Cmdlets:

  • Get-PWDocumentCopyOutLocationCounts
    • Returns document copy out location record counts by node or user or date.
  • Remove-PWDocumentCopyOutLocations
    • Remove document copy out location records by nodes, users, or date.

Changed cmdlets:

  • Import-PWDocuments
    • Added -ValidationReport parameter.

2020-06-23 Version

Changed cmdlets:

  • Import-PWDocuments
    • Fixed bug with -MakeProjectWiseMatchDisk switch.
    • Should be some performance improvements, too.

2020-06-22 Version

Added Cmdlets:

  • Get-PWDocumentByURN
    • Returns a document object when given a URN copied from PW Explorer.
  • Get-PWFolderByURN
    • Returns a folder object when given a URN copied from PW Explorer.

Changed cmdlets:

  • Export-PWDocuments
    • Fixed bug with setting last update date on exported files.
  • Copy-PWConnectedProjectSettings
    • Fixed bug having to do with locating source connected project for copy.

2020-06-09 Version

Changed cmdlets:

  • Update-PWFolderSecurityByUserListSwapWithWorkflow
    • Made some (possible) performance improvements.
  • Import-PWDocuments
    • Added -SuppressOutput switch which may have performance benefits.
  • New-PWRichProject (and related)
    • Fixed a bug where a bad list of properties to update would cause the process to end before moving the new project to the right spot.

2020-05-20 Version

Changed cmdlets:

  • Add-PWUsersToConnectedProjectByUserLists
    • Fixed bug with -Filter and with explicit user lists entry.

2020-05-12 Version

Changed cmdlets:

  • Import-PWDocuments
    • Fixed problem where long path syntax was failing on older operating systems.
  • Get-PWUserByLastLogin
    • Fixed bug when accessing backup audit trail tables.

2020-05-01 Version

Added features:

The ProjectWiseDocument object now contains methods:

  • .GetGeneralProperties(),
  • .GetCustomAttributes(),
  • .GetFullPath()
  • .GetFolderPath().
    Run Get-PWDocumentsBySearch and use the methods to interrogate each document object individually.
    Usage will be like $docs = Get-PWDocumentsBySearch -FolderPath “Test” and then $docs[0].GetFullPath().

Added cmdlets:

  • Get-PWWorkAreaConnections
    • Gets the work area connections for the Connected Project of a Rich Project.
  • Purge-PWDocumentLocalCopy
    • Removes local document copy from working folder.

Changed cmdlets:

  • Get-PWEmptyLeafFolders
    • Fixed bug where this was failing.
  • Export-PWDocuments
    • Now does not overwrite files on disk where the dates match.
    • Improved long path support.
  • Import-PWDocuments
    • Added some additional options for checking dates (-IsServerUtc, -SkipDateCheck).
    • Improved long path support.
  • Update-PWStorageAreaForProjectTree
    • Fixed bug related to long paths.
  • Get-PWStorageAreaReport
    • Fixed bug related to long paths.

2020-04-17 Version

Changed cmdlets:

  • Import-PWDocuments
    • Fixed issue with importing from UNC path.
    • Fixed some issues with importing from long paths.
    • Added -IncludeEmptyFolders switch and -FoldersOnly switch

2020-04-13 Version

Added features:

  • The User object now contains methods .GroupsMemberOf() and .UsersListsMemberOf().
    • Run Get-PWUsersByMatch and use the methods to interrogate the returned objects individually.
    • Usage will be like $users = Get-PWUsersByMatch and then $users[0].GroupsMemberOf().
  • The ProjectWiseGroup and ProjectWiseUserList objects now contain .GetMembers() methods.
    • Usage will be like $groups = Get-PWGroups, and then
  • The ProjectWiseWorkflow object now contains a .GetStates() method.
    • Usage will be like $wfs = Get-PWWorkflows and then $wfs[0].GetStates().

Added cmdlets:

  • Update-PWDocumentFileFromProjectWise
    • Copies the file from one document to another.
  • Add-PWConnectedProjectUsersToRoles
    • Adds all the users in a connected project to the specified RBAC Enterprise Roles.

Changed cmdlets:

  • Get-PWRichProjectResources
    • Now returning resource names properly.
  • Set-PWRichProjectResource
    • Now supports folder objects as input.
  • Add-PWUsersToConnectedProject,
  • Add-PWUsersToConnectedProjectByUserList,
  • Add-PWUsersToConnectedProjectByGroup,
  • Add-PWExternalUsersToConnectedProject
    • Now all support a -Roles parameter where you can specify a list of RBAC Enterprise roles you want to assign to the users. Role assignment only works

2020-04-02 Version

Changed cmdlets:

  • New-PWRichProject,
  • New-PWRichProjectsFromDataTable,
  • New-PWRichProjectsFromSpreadsheet
    • Added -FolderDepthToCopy switch. Defaults to -1 which means all subfolders, 0 is just top level (create rich project with no sub-folders), 1 is top-level and 1 sub-level, etc.
  • Copy-PWFolders
    • Now supports user list security replication like New-PWRichProject.
    • Use this to build out variable folder structures beneath a rich project.
  • Add-PWUsersToConnectedProjectByUserLists
    • Added -Filter parameter to allow you to filter for just the user lists you want to add to the Connected Project (e.g. “*Project Managers” or “*Drafters”).
  • Move-PWDocumentsToFolder
    • Now checks for “Documents having versions cannot be moved” setting in datasource.
  • Get-PWDocumentsBySearchWithReturnColumns
    • Added -DocumentUpdatedAfter and -DocumentUpdatedBefore parameters in addition to the -FileUpdated… search parameters.

2020-03-30 Version

Changed cmdlets:

  • Add-PWConnectedProject
    • Fixed bug where Repository Links were getting created without a valid Project GUID.
  • Add-PWProjectShareConnection
    • Fixed bug where Repository Links were getting created without a valid Project GUID.
  • Get-PWRichProjects
    • Fixed bug where -PopulateProjectProperties didn’t work properly.
    • Added -OnlyConnectedProjects and -OnlyNonConnectedProjects switch.

2020-03-24 Version

Added cmdlets:

  • Add-PWUsersToConnectedProjectByUserList
    • Add project users by user list to Connected Project

2020-03-23 Version

Added cmdlets:

  • Get-PWIndexServerFileExtensionFilters
    • Get filtered file extensions for AFP processes.
  • Clear-PWFolderView
    • Clear document list view and/or preview pane view.
  • Remove-PWUserByMatch
    • Remove a user and pass an alternative user to inherit all document/folder ownership.

2020-03-11 Version

Added cmdlets:
  • Get-PWFolderTreeMaxFileUpdateDate
    • Get latest file update date for the tree.
  • Update-PWAFPQueueNames
    • Update to fix obsolete queue names in AFP.
  • Copy-PWAFPProcessors
    • Add a new set of processors to AFP.
  • Invoke-PWOrchestrationFrameworkScript
    • Runs a script file (one command per line) on OF database.
Changed cmdlets:
  • Get-PWFolderTreeDocumentSize
    • Now includes MaxUpdateDate (latest file update date for the tree.)
  • Get-PWRichProjects
    • Fixed -JustOne bug.

2020-03-06 Version

Changed cmdlets:

  • Get-PWFolders,
  • Get-PWRichProjects
    • Fixed bug where Project Properties were not being returned on -JustOne, -Slow and -PopulateProperties
  • Add-PWUsersToConnectedProject (and similar cmdlets)
    • Add support for -Token parameter

2020-02-29 Version

Added cmdlets:

  • Get-PWActiveServerVersion
    • Returns software version for active dataasource.

Changed cmdlets:

  • Get-PWFolders,
  • Get-PWRichProjects
    • Added -PopulatePaths switch.
      • Should be much faster than –Slow switch and will populate paths on the folder objects.
    • Fastest option is -FolderPath, but if you want paths use -PopulatePaths. Very fast on under 10K folders, still way faster then -Slow. Also added storageFolder, StorageNode and FolderDepth properties to the Folder object.

2020-02-27 Version

Changed cmdlets:

  • Import-PWProjectAccessControl
    • Bug fixed

2020-02-21 Version

General note Updated to support version of the ProjectWise Deliverables Management Connector (most current at this time).
Changed cmdlets:
  • Add-PWConnectedProject,
  • Get-PWConnectedProject
    • Added support for passing tokens.
  • ConvertFrom-EncodedToken
    • Added -DoNotFormat parameter
      • Required when using Connection Client token directly for -BentleyIMS login.
  • Export-PWProjectAccessControl
    • Bugs fixed

2020-02-21 Version

Changed cmdlets:

  • Get-PWDgnFileVersion,
  • Set-PWDgnMimeType
    • Now does not retrieve references on file copy out. They are unnecessary for the process.
  • Get-PWDocumentsBySearch,
  • Get-PWDocumentsBySearchWithReturnColumns
    • Fixed SearchString support
    • Added new switches:
      • FullTextSearchMatchAllWords
      • FullTextSearchMatchWholePhrase
      • FullTextSearchAttributeValues

2020-02-13 Version

Added cmdlets:

  • Get-PWNonFederatedLoginToken
    • For non-federated IMS accounts get ProjectWise login and web login tokens.

Changed cmdlets:

  • Get-PWRichProjects
    • Greatly improved performance.
    • Added ability to query for specific project types and to search for specific project property values.

2020-02-06 Version

Added cmdlets:

  • Get-PWDgnFileVersion
    • Get the DGN File type (V7 or V8) for a batch of DGN files.
  • Set-PWDgnMimeType
    • Set the MIME type based on the DGN version:
      • image/vnd.dgn for V7,
      • image/vnd.dgn;ver=8 for V8.
      • Ignores non-dgn files.

Changed cmdlets:

  • Backup-PWDocumentProperties
    • Changed to preserve index on dms_propvalues.
    • Run before DMSCONV.
  • Restore-PWDocumentProperties
    • Changed to preserve index on dms_propvalues.
    • Run after DMSCONV.

2020-02-04 Version

Changed cmdlets:

  • Backup-PWDocumentProperties
    • Changed to use ODBC connection just like DMSCONV.
    • Run before DMSCONV.
  • Restore-PWDocumentProperties
    • Restore the backed up properties from the backup table to the main properties table. Optionally run UTC conversion.
    • Run after DMSCONV. Also uses ODBC Connection like DMSCONV.

2020-01-31 Version

Added cmdlets:

  • Export-PWAuditTrailToSQLite
    • Export audit trail for a date range to SQLite in a format suitable for time-series graphing (program to be posted).
  • Get-PWDocumentPropertiesCount
    • Count the document properties records and affected documents.
  • Backup-PWDocumentProperties
    • Backup extracted document properties to an auxiliary table to allow dmsconv to proceed.
    • Use -TruncateProperties to empty the document properties table.
    • Dmsconv is having some issues with the UTC date conversion on large properties tables.
  • Restore-PWDocumentProperties
    • Restore the backed up properties from the backup table to the main properties table. Optionally run UTC conversion.
  • Set-PWFlatSetMemberVersionLock
    • Set Version Lock flag on existing flat set member.

Changed cmdlets:

  • Get-PWDocumentsBySearch
    • Now reports on invalid characters in the path if –PopulatePath is set.
  • Get-PWDocumentsBySearchWithReturnColumns
    • Fixed a bug where invalid paths threw an error.
    • Added -PopulatePath switch to make it more like Get-PWDocumentsBySearch.
  • Get-PWUserLists
    • Fixed bug where Descriptions were not being returned properly.
  • New-PWFlatSet
    • Added -VersionLock switch.

2020-01-22 Version

Changed cmdlets:

  • Add-PWDocumentsWithCode
    • StartNumber parameter was getting ignored. No more.

2020-01-21 Version

Added cmdlets:

  • Get-PWFolderDocumentSizeByPath
    • Produces report with total file size by folder and also reports storage area folder path.
  • Import-LogFileToSQLite
    • Imports a dmskrnl log file to a SQLite database.
  • Import-LogFileToSQLServer
    • Imports a dmskrnl log file to a SQL Server database.

Changed cmdlets:

  • Select-PWSQLDataTableToSQLite
    • Now OK for non-admin reporting use.
  • Get-PWFolderDocumentSize
    • Now includes storage area folder path.
    • This is slower then Get-PWFolderDocumentSizeByPath, but more selective.
  • Set-PWDocumentState
    • Added more verbose and warning messages

2019-12-17 Version

Added cmdlets:

  • Set-PWUserMessagePolling
    • Turn message polling on or off for all or selected users. May improve performance to turn polling on.
  • Import-PWLookupTableFromDataTable
    • Create and update a ProjectWise lookup table from a generic data source like an ODBC connection.
  • Import-PWLookupTablesFromXLSX
    • Create and update ProjectWise lookup tables from a workbook.
  • Export-PWLookupTablesToXLSX
    • Export lookup table data for maintenance.
    • Use Import-PWLookupTablesFromXLSX to update in ProjectWise.
  • Get-LastPWErrorId
    • Get the ID of the last error that occurred.

2019-12-10 Version

General Document object properties ProjectWiseWebViewLink and WebServicesGatewayDownloadLink were added. The ProjectWiseWebViewLink is the service just moved to production today.

Added cmdlets:

2019-12-06 Version (

General Module should now load on systems with only Integration Server installed. Made this change to support using the module on GUI-less systems like Docker.

Changed cmdlets:

  • Set-PWDocumentToFinalStatus
    • Added ability to add a comment (per request from BE Communities)
  • Remove-PWDocumentVersions
    • Now supports 0 as valid value for NumberOfVersionsToKeep parameter (per request from BE Communities)
  • Import-PWEnvironments
    • Added duplicate column check to new table creation logic

2019-11-18 Version

Added cmdlets:

  • Get-PWUsersLoggedIn
    • Get logged in users

2019-11-13 Version

Added cmdlets:

  • Set-PWFolderWorkspaceProfile
    • Set Workspace Profile for a folder
  • Update-PWEnvironmentColumnSettings
    • Set and clear Read-only, Unique and Required flags for environment columns.

Changed cmdlets:

  • Get-TablesFromXLSXWorkBook
    • Added -NoHeaders switch to deal with data with no headers
  • Update-PWDocumentFile
    • Now will set the application based on extension of new file.
  • Import-PWEnvironments
    • Fixed bug when resetting column flags like read-only, required and unique. Should change existing ones now. Improved output.

2019-11-04 Version

Changed cmdlets:

  • Edit-PWMicroStationDocuments
    • Added 64-bit only check.
  • Import-PWDocumentsFromArchive
    • Added -RetainFileNames switch to handle file name transforms on import.

2019-10-29 Version

Removed cmdlet:

  • New-PWiCSRenditionJob
    • Had to remove this due to version support/incompatibility issues. We have other ways of providing this functionality so contact us if you need it.

Added cmdlets:

  • Add-PWUserSynchronizationServiceSources
    • Add users and groups to the user synchronization service configuration.
  • Edit-PWMicroStationDocuments
    • Checks out, processes and checks in CADD documents.
  • Get-MicroStationEngines
    • Lists the available MicroStation engines for CADD processing.

Changed cmdlets:

  • Merge-PWPDFs
    • Added -ReplaceExisting and –VersionExisting switches.
  • Get-PWDocumentsBySearch
    • Added DocumentOutTo and DocumentOutToName to the document object. Will get populated when you use -GetAttributes or Expand-PWDocumentInformation cmdlet.

2019-10-17 Version

Added cmdlets:

  • New-PWiCSRenditionJob
    • (note is 32-bit only and adminstrator session only and must be run from machine with iCS Administrator installed and valid connection to OF datasource configured).
    • Will create rendition jobs.
    • Can specify input documents, folders, searches and destinations and file name formats.
    • Requires a template job to be created for each source ProjectWise datasource.
  • Get-PWRenditionDestinations
    • Gets defined rendition destinations for the datasource
  • Get-PWRenditionFileNamingOptions
    • Gets defined file naming options for renditions
  • Get-PWRenditionPresentationOptions
    • Gets the defined rendition presentation options

Changed cmdlets:

  • Get-PWDocumentsBySearch
    • Added support for explicitly adding paths to existing saved searches
      (e.g. -SearchName “Multipage PDFs\PDF Search made by PowerShell”)
  • Get-PWSavedSearches
    • Now returns full paths, search ids, and owner name

2019-10-09 Version

General Changed to permit users who are not Administrators, not Restricted Administrators and not in the PowerShell Users group to login and
execute a limited number of read-only cmdlets. We can open up more cmdlets to this “Reporting” mode by request. The rule of thumb
for the initial set of cmdlets was to enable read-only, reporting, non-security related cmdlets with over 10,000 executions.
See Get-PWCmdletStatistics for cmdlet usage.

2019-10-03 Version

Changed cmdlets:

  • Get-PWUserAuditTrailRecords
    • Added User Email column to output
  • New-XLSXWorkbook
    • Added -PreserveLinksInExistingWorkbook switch.
    • Should improve performance with existing workbooks.

2019-10-02 Version

General Changed PWSearchWrapper.dll, PWSearchWrapperX64.dll, PWSpatialWrapper.dll and PWSpatialWrapperX64.dll for PW v8i backwards compatibility.

Changed cmdlets:

  • Get-PWUserAuditTrailRecords
    • Made some changes in the interest of better performance
  • Add-PWDocumentsWithCode
    • Fixed bug with regard to document code placeholder column

2019-10-01 Version

Added cmdlets:

  • Get-PWUserAuditTrailRecords
    • Get all user action audit trail records for designated users in a designated date range (Login, Logout, Modify, etc.)

2019-09-17 Version

Added cmdlets:

  • Get-PWWRESuperUsers
    • Lists the rollback and super user set in Workflow Rules Engine settings
  • Remove-PWWRESuperUsersFromGroups
    • Removes WRE Rollback and Super users from all groups and user lists for better security hygiene. You can add them back to the appropriate groups as necessary.

2019-09-12 Version

Added cmdlets:

  • Reset-PWPDFText
    • Replace existing text in a PDF with arbitrary string and reset color
  • Add-PWPDFWatermarkText
    • Stamp PDF in ProjectWise with text with a range of options for control
  • Add-PDFWatermarkText
    • Stamp PDF from file system with text with a range of options for control
  • Get-PDFTextColors
    • Gets list of supported text colors for Add-PWPDFWatermarkText
  • Get-PDFFonts
    • Gets list of supported fonts for Add-PWPDFWatermarkText

Changed cmdlets:

  • Add-PWValidationQRCode
  • Add-PWPDFQRCode
  • Add-PDFQRCode
    • Changed the QR Code application process to support placing stamp in the background (white areas will not overwrite existing linework) and improved image replacement.

2019-09-06 Version

Added cmdlets:

  • Set-PWAdministratorGranularSecurity
    • Sets granular security on PW Administrator nodes
  • Clear-PWAdministratorGranularSecurity
    • Removes granular security from PW Administrator nodes

Changed cmdlets:

  • Get-PWPerformanceData
    • Now supports IMS login

2019-09-04 Version

Added cmdlets:

  • Get-PWRenditionJobsStatus
    • Gets the status of the in-progress jobs in iCS

Changed cmdlets:

  • Get-PWCmdletStatistics
    • Added support for wildcards and returning all data

2019-08-30 Version

Added cmdlets:

  • Get-PWCmdletStatistics
    • Gets global usage data for PWPS_DAB cmdlets

Changed cmdlets:

  • Import-PWRichProjectDefinitions
    • Adding properties to existing classes now works
  • New-PWRichProjectFromTemplate
    • Fixed folder description update

2019-08-23 Version

Added cmdlets:

  • Export-PWRichProjectDefinitions
    • Exports Rich Project Type definitions to spreadsheet
  • Import-PWRichProjectDefinitions
    • Import project types from spreadsheet.
    • Adding properties to existing classes not working yet.

Changed cmdlets:

  • Export-PWViews
    • Changed to export actual property names rather than labels
  • Import-PWViews
    • Fixed bug with attribute columns

2019-08-22 Version

Added cmdlets:

  • Export-PWEnvironments
    • New AAM File alternative for managing environment definitions in a spreadsheet
  • Import-PWEnvironments
    • Allows modification of environment from spreadsheet, bulk modification of interfaces, replacement of document codes
  • Export-PWViews
    • Export view definitions to a spreadsheet
  • Import-PWViews
    • Import view definitions from a spreadsheet

2019-07-31 Version

Added cmdlets:

  • Get-PWGroups
    • Search by wild card or id
  • Get-PWUserLists
    • Search by wild card or id
  • Get-PWAttributeSettings
    • Returns details of environment attribute definition
  • Get-PWWorkspaceProfileFromFolder
    • Returns Workspace Profile info
  • Remove-PWWorkspaceProfileFromFolder
    • Removes Workspace Profile from folder

Changed cmdlets:

  • Save-ClearTextToEncryptedFile
    • Fixed bug
  • Reset-PWFolderSecurity
    • Fixed help
  • Get-PWFlatSet
    • Fixed bug
  • Set-PWDocumentMIMEType
    • Added -Fast switch which bypasses type validation
  • Get-PWPerformanceReportData
    • Should automatically be available now without separate Import-Module statement

2019-07-04 Version

Added cmdlets:

  • Copy-PWSavedSearch

Changed cmdlets:

  • Move-PWDocumentsToFolder
    • Minor adjustments and seems to be preserving states in our testing.
    • Did not test on Oracle, so if preserve state fails in Oracle, let us know.
  • Add-PWConnectedProject
    • Added -DoNotEnableDeliverablesManagement switch to alter the default behavior and bug fixes when using token
  • New-PWDMTransmittal
    • Bug fixes for case when using token
  • Get-PWUsersByMatch
    • Added -Identity as a search option

2019-06-12 Version

Changed cmdlets:

  • Move-PWDocumentsToFolder
    • Reworked this to support moving documents with versions more reliably.
    • Preserves workflow states by default now.
    • Use -DoNotPreserveState switch to counteract that behavior.
    • The conflicting -PreserveSourceState switch is now obsolete though it is preserved to not break existing scripts.

2019-05-29 Version

General Notes Changed .NET Framework version to 4.6.2 to support latest Connection Client

Changed cmdlets:

  • Add-PDFQRCode
  • Add-PWPDFQRCode
  • Add-PWValidationQRCode
    • Best now to use multiples of 33 or 29 for your code size
  • Move-PWDocumentsToFolder
    • Fixed bugs where documents were inadvertently removed
    • Added switches to preserve workflow states
  • Convert-PWUserToFederated
    • Fixed some bugs with the -DoNotChangeUserType switch
  • Write-PWPSLog
    • Added Write-Error, Write-Warning and Write-Verbose to the Write-PWPSLog code, so only a single line of code is required to write a record to both the log file and the console.
    • e.g. Write-PWPSLog -Cmdlet Test -Level Info -Message “This cmdlet has been changed” will Write-Verbose “This cmdlet has been changed” to the console, and an info line of “This cmdlet has been changed” to the log file.

2019-05-24 Version

Added cmdlets:

  • Get-PWFileStreamingSettings
    • Returns settings for PointCloud, Raster, or Both from datasource
  • Enable-PWFileStreaming
    • Enable PointCloud, Raster, or Both (requires manual changes to dmskrnl.cfg)
  • Disable-PWFileStreaming
    • Disable PointCloud, Raster, or Both (requires manual changes to dmskrnl.cfg)
  • Get-PWPerformanceReportData
    • Added new parameter -OutputType – to select between PSObject and DataTable output. Default is PSObject.

Changed cmdlets:

  • Add-PDFQRCode,
  • Add-PWPDFQRCode
    • Added -DoNotShortenUrl switch. Can be used to encode any text and not just URLs.
  • Add-PDFQRCode,
  • Add-PWPDFQRCode,
  • Add-PWValidationQRCode
    • Changed library used to generate QR Code image which gives us more control over the image. Best to use multiples of 33.
  • Copy-PWMailMessagesFromExchange
    • Fixed bug where mail messages would get deleted even if the import to ProjectWise failed
  • Convert-PWUserToFederated
    • Added -DoNotChangeUserType switch for when you only want to set the user’s identity, but not force IMS login

2019-05-15 Version

Added cmdlets:

  • Get-LatitudeLongitudeForAddress
    • Looks up lat/long for address
  • Get-EncodedLogicalToken
    • Gets a token encoding the username/password of a logical user which can be used in the Authorization header for WSG calls
  • Get-PWFileHash
    • Gets the hash of a file in ProjectWise using various hash algorithms

2019-05-10 Version

Added cmdlets:

  • Get-TablesFromSQLiteDB
    • Read data from SQLite.

Changed cmdlets:

  • Get-PWDocumentsBySearch
    • Fixed bug with the Geo search. Should work now.
  • Save-PWDocumentReport
    • Added -DocumentName and -FileName parameters.
  • New-PWUserSimple
    • Added -IMSUser switch to create a federated user.
  • Import-PWDocumentsFromArchive
    • Added –SkipDocumentAttributeUpdate and -SkipSecondaryAttributeUpdate switches

2019-05-05 Version

General note: Finally ported the geospatial functionality to 64-bit. Also changed audit trail handling to better support the backup audit trail.
Intent had always been to include that in audit trail reporting, but we found some inconsistencies. You’ll see a new -ExcludeSecondaryAuditTrail switch on a lot of the reporting cmdlets now (too many to list invididually).

Added cmdlets:

  • Get-PWFoldersByAccessMember
    • Returns an array of folder objects that each have a specified member (group, user, userlist) explicitly applied in its access control.
  • Remove-PWAttributeFromInterface
    • Used to remove an attribute from an interface.

Changed cmdlets:

  • Get-PWDocumentsBySearch
    • Added Geo criteria to the search (min/max lat/long parameters),
    • Added MimeType and Storage Area to the default return columns.
    • Added -PopulatePath switch that will at least populate the folder paths and won’t degrade performance as much as -GetAttributes.
    • Fixed bug with 32-bit searching that would crash the cmdlet which was introduced in version
  • Get-PWMissingStorageArea
    • Fixed bug where documents not in the folder’s default storage area would incorrectly show as missing.
  • Set-PWInterfaceGUIDefinition
    • Fixed bug with placement of attributes on More Attributes tab.
  • Get-PWFolderDocumentSize
    • Fixed intermittent bug in reporting.
  • Remove-PWFolder
    • Added ability to pass FolderID.
  • Import-PWProjectAccessControl
    • Added ability to import access control from a datatable.
  • Export-PWAAMFile
    • Fixed bug with table definition exports.

2019-04-19 Version

Added cmdlets:

  • New-PWRichProjectFromTemplate
    • Creates a new rich project / work area from a template project.
  • Expand-PWDocumentInformation
    • Takes a document object returned from the search routines with sparse information and populates empty fields.
  • ConvertFrom-EncodedToken
    • Takes encoded token like that used by WSG and shows readable XML
  • ConvertTo-EncodedToken
    • Clear text to encoded string for tokens
  • Set-PWInterfaceGUIDefinition
    • Takes a GUI definition returned from the Get-PWInterfaceGUIDefinition cmdlet, and updates a specified interface within target Environment.
    • Offers a way to copy GUI definitions from one datasource to another.

Changed cmdlets:

  • New-PWLogin
    • Now supports using federated credentials when logging in with -BentleyIMS (will bypass Connection Client if provided)
  • New-PWDocument
    • Added –DocumentName parameter. Defaults to file name if not provided.
  • Get-PWFolderDocumentSize
    • Deprecated -IncludeVersions switch.
    • Will now always include versions.
    • Added -AllDocumentsInTree switch.
  • Get-PWFolderTreeSize
    • Deprecated -IncludeVersions switch.
    • Will now always include versions.

2019-04-12 Version

Added cmdlets:

  • Convert-PWFolderToRichProject

Changed cmdlets:

  • Update-PWStorageAreaForProjectTree
    • Added -SourceStorageArea parameter.
  • Add-PWValidationQRCode,
  • Add-PDFQRCode,
  • Add-PWPDFQRCode
    • Changed the way we define the location of the code image.
    • Now is always from lower left of page as it opens and regardless of actual rotation and units are “points” which is 1/72nd of an inch.
  • Import-PWProjectAccessControl
    • Fixed bug where existing access control was not being removed before applying new access control.
  • Export-PWProjectAccessControl
    • Updated the way the rights masks are generated. Should be more reliable.

2019-04-09 Version

Changed cmdlets:

  • Update-PWStorageAreaForProjectTree
    • Fixed major bug that would CAUSE FILE LOSS in the case of a user prevented from seeing documents due to ProjectWise Access Control.
    • Added -SkipStorageAreaMatchCheck and
    • Changed -DoNotDeleteFromSourceStorage switch to -DeleteFromSourceStorage.
    • This makes deleting the source files a positive choice.
  • Add-PWValidationQRCode
    • Added -QRCodeType override parameter and
    • -ForceNativeUnits and -ForceDefaultUnits switches to help with QR Code settings development.
  • Add-PWDocumentFlatSetMember
    • Fixed issue with -LockToVersion switch and with input documents.

2019-04-05 Version

Added cmdlets:

  • Get-PWAttributeExchangeRulesUpdateFileConditions
    • Get current settings for attribute exchange.
  • Set-PWAttributeExchangeRulesUpdateFileConditions
    • Change settings for attribute exchange.
  • Disable-PWTitleBlockUpdate
    • Disables the ProjectWise Titleblock update functionality.
  • Import-PWProjectAccessControl
    • Now supports importing the spreadsheet created by Export-PWProjectAccessControl.
    • Both of these bypass the built-in security export/import because of performance and dependence on installed Excel.

Changed cmdlets:

  • CheckIn-PWDocumentOrFree
    • Now will import Exported documents if they are in the set of documents passed in.
  • CheckOut-PWDocuments
    • Now properly updates CheckOutLocation on returned document object.
  • Import-PWDocumentsBySpreadsheet
    • Fixed bug that caused error when ProjectWiseDocumentVersion types were mixed (string and numeric)
  • Export-PWProjectAccessControl
    • Changed to bypass built-in security export to improve performance and reliability

2019-03-26 Version

Added cmdlets:

  • Set-PWDocumentMIMEType
    • Update document MIME Type.
  • Set-PWDocumentVersion
    • Set the Document Version string on active documents.

Changed cmdlets:

  • New-PWDMTransmittal
    • Improved support for non-federated domain logins

2019-03-14 Version

General note: We’ve had requests to port functionality from PWPS to this module in order to make it all available in 64-bit and SS4. We had been avoiding doing that
in order to avoid duplication, but the lack of availability in some features in 64-bit was getting annoying. We will be adding more as we perceive a need.

Added cmdlets:

  • Update-PWUserSetting
    • Allows for updating all user settings (replicates functionality in PWPS).
  • Get-PWUserSettingByUser
    • List all or individual setting by user (replicates functionality in PWPS).
  • Get-PWUserDefaultSettings
    • List all or individual datasource default user settings (replicates functionality in PWPS).
  • New-PWUserListByName
    • Create user list (replicates functionality in PWPS).
  • New-PWGroupByName
    • Create Group (replicates functionality in PWPS).

Changed cmdlets:

  • Add-PWMemberToUserList
    • Added -GroupNames, -UserListNames and –AddAllUsers switches to cmdlet
  • Remove-PWMemberFromUserList
    • Added -GroupNames, -UserListNames and -AddAllUsers switches to cmdlet
  • Update-PWFolderSecurity
    • Added some additional input validation

2019-03-07 Version

Added cmdlets:

  • Get-PWValidationQRCodeParameters
    • Display the parameters set for the Validation QR Codes.

Changed cmdlets:

  • Copy-PWDocumentsToFolder,
  • Copy-PWDocumentsBySearch
    • Added -CopyReferenceRelationships switch to copy a master documents reference relationships
  • Export-PWDocumentFilesToZip
    • Added -GetReferences, -GetSetMembers and -AddMetadataFile switches
  • New-PWRichProjectsFromSpreadsheet,
  • New-PWRichProjectsFromDataTable,
  • New-PWRichProject
    • Fixed 64-bit compatibility issues

2019-02-27 Version

Changed cmdlets:

  • New-PWScanForReferences,
  • New-PWEnumFolders
    • These two had gone missing. They’re back.

2019-02-24 Version

Added cmdlets:

  • Read-PWPDFQRCode
    • Reads QR Code value from a given spot on a PDF page.
  • Export-PWProjectAccessControl
    • Export access control out to a datatable, XLSX file, or SQLite DB.

Changed cmdlets:

  • Get-PWFolders
    • Fixed a bug in Get-PWFolders where the inheritance for documents was not returning the correct information.

2019-02-13 Version

Added cmdlets:

  • Copy-FileToSharePoint
    • Requires explicit import of HelperFunctions.psm1 along with the SharePoint module.
    • Copies file from Windows to SharePoint.
  • Write-PWPSLog
    • Renamed from Write-Log, added help and examples
  • Get-PWPSLogsFromPreviousDays
    • Renamed from Get-PowerShellLogsFromPreviousDays

Changed cmdlets:

  • CheckOut-PWDocuments
    • Changed the way the -NoReferences switch works
  • Get-PWDocumentsSearch
    • Fixed parameter bug when only Attributes were defined

2019-02-09 Version

Added cmdlets:

  • Get-PWConnectedProjectAssetTypes
    • Returns list of valid Asset Types
  • Get-PWConnectedProjectIndustryTypes
    • Returns list of valid Industry Types

Changed cmdlets:

  • CheckOut-PWDocuments
    • Now supports the -NoReferences switch in all modes (CheckOut, Export, CopyOut)
  • Import-PWDocuments
    • Resolved bug with handling of -ExcludeSourceDirectoryFromTargetPath
  • Convert-PWAccessControlMaskToString
    • Enhanced return values
  • Add-PWConnectedProject
    • Now supports -Token argument
  • Get-PWConnectedProjectDataLocations
    • Now supports -Token argument

2019-01-30 Version

Added cmdlets:

  • Remove-PWConnectedProject
    • Removes a CONNECTED Project and clears the association from the input rich project.

Changed cmdlets:

  • Get-PWMissingStorageAreaFiles
    • Now reporting Status value (I, CI, CO, etc.)

2019-01-17 Version

Added cmdlets:

  • Get-PWUserHasUseAccessControlOn
    • Gets value of this setting.
  • Set-PWUserUseAccessControl
    • Set the value of this setting.

2019-01-15 Version

General Notes Updated help. Get-Help XXXX -ShowWindow should show examples now.

Changed cmdlets:

  • Update-PWRichProjectsFromSpreadsheet
    • Added -WorksheetName parameter to control which worksheet is processed.
  • Get-PWMissingStorageAreaFiles
    • Now reports ProjectWise server version and resets running user to use no Access Control (necessary for good report).

2019-01-10 Version

General Notes Changed CONNNECTION client related behavior to support 64-bit operation (thus the change to 1.9).
The only 32-bit-only operations should now be New-PWIplotIPSFile and anything to do with GeoSpatial attribution.

Changed cmdlets:

  • Move-PWFolder
    • Fixed bug in 32-operation.
  • Get-PWMonthlyLogins,
  • Get-PWMonthlyLoginsData
    • Changed backup audit trail table handling. Should be more reliable now.

2019-01-08 Version

Changed cmdlets:

  • Get-PWFolderAuditTrailRecords,
  • Get-PWDocumentAuditTrailRecords
    • Changed default to include backup audit trail table.
    • If not desired, use -SkipSecondary switch.
    • Should also work better with Oracle now.

2019-01-04 Version

General Notes Updated to .NET 4.6.1 and updated dependencies. Please let us know if you run into odd errors. Always dangers when you update a lot of components simultaneously.

Changed cmdlets:

  • New-PWRichProjectsFromSpreadsheet,
  • New-PWRichProjectsFromDataTables
    • Added -SkipFolderWorkflowSecurityReplication switch.
    • If you don’t need project specific userlist-based workflow security, this will greatly speed up your project creation.

2018-12-21 Version

Added cmdlets:

  • Add-PWDocumentProcessorToDatasource
    • Add a document processor to the datasource.
  • Invoke-PWDocumentProcessorRun
    • Invoke document processor run.
  • Clear-PWDocumentProcessorStatusByProject
    • Clear the document processor status for a folder.

Changed cmdlets:

  • Get-PWStatistics
    • Fixed bug with getting file sizes.

2018-12-20 Version

Changed cmdlets:

  • Add-PWConnectedProject
    • Fixed bug with -DataLocation.
    • Should work properly now.
    • See Get-PWConnectedProjectDataLocations for valid values.

2018-12-19 Version

Added cmdlets:

  • Add-PWIndexServerFileExtensionFilter
    • Set file extension filters for Index Servers.
  • Set-PWIndexServerFileExtensionMapping
    • Remap file extensions for Index Servers.

Changed cmdlets:

  • Copy-PWMailMessagesFromExchange
    • Added support for * wildcard in subject search spreadsheet.
    • Fixed issue with shared mailboxes when using -UseDefaultCredentials.

2018-12-18 Version

Changed cmdlets:

  • Copy-PWMailMessagesFromExchange
    • Added -UseDefaultCredentials switch.
    • Will use currently logged in user’s credentials to attempt to connect to the Exchange Server Web Service.
  • Get-PWStatistics,
  • New-PWInputOutputPerformanceReport
    • Changed the way we find the total storage area used.
    • Was reporting incorrect data for large datasources previously and was proving to be inefficient.

2018-12-17 Version

General notes Changed the .psd1 file so that the below functions are NOT automatically imported. To use them, you must explicitly import HelperFunctions.psm1 and its dependent modules:

  • SqlServer,
  • SharePointPnPPowerShell2013,
  • SharePointPnPPowerShell2016,
  • SharePointPnPPowerShellOnline
    Syntax would be like this:
    import-module SqlServer
    import-module SharePointPnpPowerShellOnline
    import-module ‘C:\Program Files\WindowsPowerShell\Modules\pwps_dab\x.x.x.x\HelperFunctions.psm1’
    Note that the path to HelperFunctions.psm1 will be version dependent.
  • (The affected functions are listed below.)
    BulkCopy-SQLTable – bulk copy a DataTable from PowerShell to SQL Server (requires SQLPS module)
  • Get-SQLDatabase – Get databases in a SQL instance. (requires SQLPS module)
  • Get-SQLDataType – Get corresponding SQL data type. (requires SQLPS module)
  • Get-SQLTable – Gets list of tables from SQL Instance. (requires SQLPS module)
  • New-SQLConnection – Connect to SQL Server instance. (requires SQLPS module)
  • New-SQLTable – Make a table in SQL to match a given table in memory. (requires SQLPS module)
  • Truncate-SQLTable – empties existing table. (requires SQLPS module)
  • Copy-PWDocumentToSharePoint – copy a document directly from ProjectWise to SharePoint. (requires one of the SharePointPnPPowerShell* modules)
  • Get-SharePointListItem – Gets a list item from SharePoint. (requires one of the SharePointPnPPowerShell* modules)
  • New-SharePointConnection – connect to SharePoint instance. (requires one of the SharePointPnPPowerShell* modules)

Changed cmdlets:

  • New-PWRenditionRequest
    • Added -MakeSinglePlotRequest switch. Will combine all of the input documents into a single plot request instead of making plot requests for each document.
    • This is easier for iCS for PDF to handle.

2018-12-13 Version

General notes Had to fix .psd1 file. Get-SQLDatabase is now renamed to Get-SQLDatabaseFunction

2018-12-13 Version

Added cmdlets:


Added functions:

(The below were added previously, but not exported correctly. Try them now.)

  • Write-Log
    • Logging function
  • Get-PowerShellLogsFromPreviousDats
    • Collects PowerShell logs
  • Get-WindowsFolderPath
    • Open a dialog to select a folder
  • Get-WindowsFilePath
    • Open a dialog to select a file.
  • BulkCopy-SQLTable
    • Bulk copy a DataTable from PowerShell to SQL Server (requires SQLPS module)
  • Get-SQLDatabase
    • Get databases in a SQL instance. (requires SQLPS module)
  • Get-SQLDataType
    • Get corresponding SQL data type. (requires SQLPS module)
  • Get-SQLTable
    • Gets list of tables from SQL Instance. (requires SQLPS module)
  • New-SQLConnection
    • Connect to SQL Server instance. (requires SQLPS module)
  • New-SQLTable
    • Make a table in SQL to match a given table in memory. (requires SQLPS module)
  • Truncate-SQLTable
    • Empties existing table. (requires SQLPS module)
  • Get-PWAuditTrailRecordsFromPreviousDays
    • Extracts audit trail records.
  • Copy-PWDocumentToSharePoint
    • Copy a document directly from ProjectWise to SharePoint. (requires one of the SharePointPnPPowerShell* modules)
  • Get-SharePointListItem
    • Gets a list item from SharePoint. (requires one of the SharePointPnPPowerShell* modules)
  • New-SharePointConnection
    • Connect to SharePoint instance. (requires one of the SharePointPnPPowerShell* modules)

Changed cmdlets:

  • Import-PWDocuments
    • Added -ExcludeSourceDirectoryFromTargetPath switch.
  • Move-PWFolder
    • Resolved issue with ROOT.
  • Import-PWDocumentsFromZip
    • Made path handling a bit more robust.
  • New-PWInputOutputPerformanceReport
    • Added -ThrowErrorOnCreateFailure switch to improve test behavior.
  • Show-PWDatasources
    • No longer requires login to run.

2018-11-26 Version

Added cmdlets Convert-ObjectArrayToDataTable – Utility cmdlet to convert array of objects to a datatable. Should perform better and be more reliable than ConvertTo-DataTable (which remains). Now using JSON format to store arrays and collections in the table.

Added functions Write-Log – Logging function
Get-PowerShellLogsFromPreviousDats – collects PowerShell logs
Get-WindowsFolderPath – open a dialog to select a folder
Get-WindowsFilePath – open a dialog to select a file.
BulkCopy-SQLTable – bulk copy a DataTable from PowerShell to SQL Server (requires SQLPS module)
Get-SQLDatabase – Get databases in a SQL instance. (requires SQLPS module)
Get-SQLDataType – Get corresponding SQL data type. (requires SQLPS module)
Get-SQLTable – Gets list of tables from SQL Instance. (requires SQLPS module)
New-SQLConnection – Connect to SQL Server instance. (requires SQLPS module)
New-SQLTable – Make a table in SQL to match a given table in memory. (requires SQLPS module)
Truncate-SQLTable – empties existing table. (requires SQLPS module)
Get-PWAuditTrailRecordsFromPreviousDays – extracts audit trail records.
Copy-PWDocumentToSharePoint – copy a document directly from ProjectWise to SharePoint. (requires one of the SharePointPnPPowerShell* modules)
Get-SharePointListItem – Gets a list item from SharePoint. (requires one of the SharePointPnPPowerShell* modules)
New-SharePointConnection – connect to SharePoint instance. (requires one of the SharePointPnPPowerShell* modules)

Changed cmdlets New-PWDocumentAbstract – resolved issue with -Count parameter.
Get-PWMonthlyLogins – resolved issue with UserType.
Get-PWDocumentsBySearch – added -FolderID paramter.
Move-PWFolder – changed to accept InputFolder object.

2018-11-15 Version

Added cmdlets Start-SQLServerStoredProcedure – Utility cmdlet to run a stored procedure if you have a valid connection string to a SQL database

2018-11-15 Version

Added cmdlets Get-PWDMIncomingRFIsWithProperties – returns IncomingRFIs with Templateable properties objects populated

2018-11-14 Version

Added cmdlets Get-PWDMServiceAccountToken – returns a string suitable for use as the -ConnectToken parameter in the below cmdlets

Updated cmdlets Get-PWDMIncomingTransmittals, Get-PWDMOutgoingSubmittals, Get-PWDMOutgoingRFIs, Get-PWDMIncomingRFIs – added -ConnectToken parameter and “since” date parameter

2018-11-12 Version

Updated cmdlets Get-PWDMIncomingTransmittals, Get-PWDMOutgoingSubmittals – changed internal logic a bit

2018-11-12 Version

Updated cmdlets Get-PWDMIncomingTransmittals, Get-PWDMOutgoingSubmittals – added -UseCheckProject switch and changed to no longer require ProjectWise DI login to run.

2018-11-11 Version

Updated cmdlets Get-PWDMOutgoingRFIs, Get-PWDMIncomingRFIs – add -UseCheckProject switch

2018-11-07 Version

Added cmdlets Get-PWProjectForConnectedProjectId – Pass in Connected Project ID and get corresponding ProjectWise Project object.
Enable-PWTitleBlockUpdate – Will make the appropriate registry changes required to make the title block update work if configured

Updated cmdlets Get-PWAuditTrailSettings – will now return secondary table name if one is configured
New-PWDocumentAbstract – added -DoNotAddSuffix switch

2018-11-01 Version

Changed cmdlets Get-PWMissingStorageAreaFiles – Added progress reporting and parameters -FolderProgressInterval and -DocumentProgressInterval.

2018-10-24 Version

Changed cmdlets Get-PWMissingStorageAreaFiles – Fixed bug when file names varied in the version stack. Was generating false positives.

2018-10-13 Version

Added cmdlets: Save-PWDocumentsToDatatable – convert list of document objects to the datatable format used by other cmdlets.
Get-PWMissingStorageAreaFiles – Dedicated search for documents with missing files in storage area.

Changed cmdlets Get-PWStorageAreaReport – Added -SkipFileSizeCheck and -SkipOrphanFileCheck switches to improve performance.

2018-10-16 Version

Changed cmdlets: Remove-PWEmptyFolders – now returns list of deleted paths.
Set-PWUserLicenseSource – Changed parameters.
Copy-PWFolder – now allows copying to ROOT.
Add-PWMemberToUserList – fixed help.
Get-PWStorageAreaReport – added columns, cleaned up returned data.

2018-10-11 Version

General: Added Owner Types and Names to Document and Folder objects.
Added FolderCreator and FolderUpdater properties to Folder object.
Changed User object to update IMSProvider and IMSName by default.

Changed cmdlets: Get-PWUsersInUserList – now recurses all contained groups and user lists to build comprehensive list of users.
Get-PWDMIncomingRFIs, Get-PWDMOutgoingRFIs – now returning more data about the RFIs.
Remove-PWEmptyFolders – now returns a list of the folder objects that were deleted.
Copy-PWInterface – now requires -Create switch to create a new interface, otherwise updates if interface exists

2018-10-04 Version

General: Updated to use latest Deliverables Management libraries ( Dan Williams found a way to greatly speed up our spreadsheet reading for Import-PWDocumentsBySpreadsheet.
Updated all dependent libraries to latest versions.

Changed cmdlets: Import-PWDocumentsBySpreadsheet – added -WriteBackLinks and -DeleteFilesOnImport switches.

2018-09-09 Version

Added cmdlets: Add-PWValidationQRCode – If you have the QR Code Validation Add-In, use this cmdlet to automate the process of stamping your drawings. One advantage of this approach
is that you can run this as 64-bit process. Some customers have reported problems stamping large PDFs with the iCS Add-In because it’s 32-bit.
Add-PWPDFLink – Add a link to a PDF in ProjectWise. Use -MakeFriendlyProjectWiseLink to add an https:// link that will work like a pw:// link. Use -URL for a generic URL.
Use -WSGURL to add a WSG link.

2018-09-06 Version

Added cmdlets: Import-PWDocumentFilesFromZip – Import document files directly from a zip file. Long paths in zip are supported.
Export-PWDocumentFilesToZip – Exports document files directly to a zip file. Writing long paths to zip are supported.
Copy-PWInterface – Create a copy of an existing interface

Changed cmdlets: Import-PWDocuments – Now supports importing from long paths on disk (Export-PWDocuments already supports writing to long paths on disk.)

2018-08-30 Version (thought the Exchange/Office365 email support and Project Share support deserved an incremented version)

Added cmdlets: Copy-PWMailMessagesFromExchange – Bulk copy email messages from Exchange mailbox to ProjectWise
New-PWProjectShareFolder – Create a new folder in the Project Share area of the CONNECTed Project
New-PWProjectShareFileFromDisk – Upload a file from disk to a Project Share folder
New-PWProjectShareFileFromProjectWise – Upload a document file from ProjectWise to a Project Share folder
Get-PWConnectURL – Get CONNECT web service endpoints
Remove-PWDocumentSheet – Remove attributes from document

Changed cmdlets: Add-PWConnectedProject – Now supports Industry, Asset Type, Country Code and Data Locations on creation
Changed most of the CONNECTed project manipulation cmdlets to NOT require an active ProjectWise login. Still requires Connection Client login.

2018-07-27 Version

Changed cmdlets: Set-PWWorkflowByFolderPath – Now works with FolderID as default parameter
Clear-PWWorkflowByFolderPath – Now works with FolderID as default parameter
Update-PWFolderNameProps – Now works with FolderID as default parameter
Set-PWEnvironmentByFolderPath – Now works with FolderID as default parameter
Clear-PWEnvironmentByFolderPath – Now works with FolderID as default parameter

2018-07-25 Version

Added cmdlets: Get-PWAllOwnedConnectedProjects – Gets a list of all your owned connected projects
Get-PWDMIncomingRFIs – Gets a list of all the incoming RFIs. Can filter by Company Name (partial) or Email (partial)
Get-PWDMOutgoingRFIs – Gets a list of all the RFI response. Can filter by Email (partial)
Save-PWDMIncomingRFIs – Saves the files attached to the incoming RFIs
Save-PWDMOutgoingRFIs – Saves the files attached to the RFI responses

2018-07-13 Version

Added cmdlets: Add-PWProjectShareConnection – Add Project Share connection to existing Connected Project

Changed cmdlets: New-PWRichProject – Template no longer required
Export-PWDocumentsToArchive – added -NoAuditTrail parameter
Add-PWConnectedProject – now will link back the Connected project to the PWDI project by adding a connection in Project Share
General – added CreateDateTime and UpdateDateTime properties to the folder object

2018-07-02 Version

Added cmdlets: Remove-PWDocumentGroupAccess, Remove-PWDocumentUserListAccess

Changed cmdlets: Various bug fixes.

2018-06-21 Version

Added cmdlets: Import-PWDataTableValues – import datatable values into lookup tables.

Changed cmdlets: Connected project cmdlets – fixed issue where deliverables management assemblies weren’t loading properly for non-IMS logins.

2018-06-14 Version

Added cmdlets: Update-PWUserProperties – allows setting of name, description and email.
Get-PWFoldersByGUIDs – return folder objects for a list of guids.
Get-PWDocumentsByGUIDs – return document objects for a list of guids.
New-PWScanForReferences, New-PWEnumFolders

Changed cmdlets: New-PWLogin – updated help, fixed issue with -DoNotCreateWorkingDirectory switch.
Get-PWError, Get-PWVersion no longer require an active login to run.
Reset-PWFolderSecurity – fixed issue with workflows.

2018-05-30 Version

General Note: Regular users can now log in via New-PWLogin and use the cmdlets if they are members of a group called “PowerShell Users”.
Use -NonAdminLogin switch with New-PWLogin.

Changed cmdlets: Export-DataTableToSQLiteDB now supports -Append and -Overwrite switches.
All SQLite DB cmdlets should now support 64-bit.

2018-05-20 Version

Changed cmdlets: Get-PWStorageAreaReport – Added SQLite output option.
New-PWLogin – Adjusted behavior of DoNotCreateWorkingDirectory switch. Works a bit more logically now.

2018-05-17 Version

Added cmdlets: Get-PWMonthlyCheckoutsByProject – reports using audit trail document checkouts per user per project per month.
Get-PWDMOutgoingTransmittals – reports all outgoing transmittals for the given projects.
Save-PWDMOutgoingTransmittal – Save transmittal to disk.
Get-PWDMIncomingSubmittals – reports all incoming submittals for the given projects.
Save-PWDMIncomingSubmitals – Save submittal to disk.
Set-PWDocumentUserListAccess – Apply access mask for a user list to a set of documents

2018-05-15 Version

General Note: User must be in Admin or Restricted Admin group. Our intent has always been that PowerShell manipulation of datasources
required a user with elevated privileges.

Changed cmdlets: Get-PWDSConfigEntry does not require a login.
Get-PWCurrentDatasource does not require a login.

2018-05-11 Version


Added cmdlets: Remove-PWFolderSecurity –
Update-PWStatistics – Update the stored statistics

Changed cmdlets: New-PWInputOutputPerformanceReport – now records datasource statistics
Get-PWStatistics – Now returns all the datasource statistics
Various help file fixes

2018-04-18 Version

Added cmdlets: Add-PDFQRCode – Stamp a file from disk with QR Code.
Set-PWFolderOwner – reset folder owner
Remove-PWFolderSecurity – remove folder security

Changed cmdlets: Add-PWPDFQRcode – added parameters

2018-04-18 Version

Added cmdlets: Set-PWDocumentGroupAccess – sets group access for an array of documents.

Changed cmdlets: Get-PWFolderSecurity, Update-PWFolderSecurity and Remove-PWFolderSecurity updated to include datasource default security.
New-PWFolder will now use storage from existing parent and does not require storage to be passed.

2018-04-10 Version

Added cmdlets: Get-PWMembers – list members of a group or userlist.
Get-PWManagedWorkspaceConfigBlocks – returns configuration settings blocks for all or a selected managed workspace type
Set-PWManagedWorkspaceForFolders – adds configuration settings block associations for selected managed workspace type to input folder(s)
Remove-PWManagedWorkspaceAssociationFromFolders – removes the specified configuration settings block of specified managed workspace type from input folder(s)
Remove-PWManagedWorkspaceAssociationsFromSubFolders – removes ALL configuration settings block associations from all sub-folders of the input folder(s)
Set-PWApplicationExtensions – set extensions for applications.
Copy-PWDocumentSecurity – copy document security from a template to a set of input documents

Changed cmdlets: New-PWFolder – added -Description parameter.
Copy-PWFolder – added -IncludeDocumentAttributes switch.

2018-04-07 Version

General Notes: Added logic to attempt to prevent fatal errors when running in 64-bit as we know certain things won’t work (like anything to do with CONNECTED projects).

Added cmdlets: Copy-PWDocumentsBetweenDatasources – copy documents from one datasource to another.

2018-04-05 Version

General Notes: This module should now load in both 32-bit and 64-bit PowerShell. Some functionality is not yet supported in 64-bit and we’re adding warnings as we
discover what is not supported. General functionality seems to be there (thus change of minor version to 1.5).

Changed cmdlets: New-PWLogin – added -LoadWRE switch to support loading Workflow Rules Engine. Made change to NOT load WRE by default.

Added cmdlets: Set-PWSession – switch between active login sessions.
Get-PWSessions – list the active sessions.
Get-PWFoldersImmediateChildren – Gets the immediate child folders for the specified folder.
Convert-PWRichProjectToFolder – Converts a rich project (WorkArea) and sub-rich projects to folders.

2018-03-26 Version

Changed cmdlets: New-PWLogin – added -BentleyIMS switch to support IMS logins
Get-PWOutgoingTransmittalsReport – change output to data table array in addition to spreadsheet
Merge-PWPDFs, Split-PWPDFs, Add-PWPDFQRCode – changed underlying PDF library (thus change of minor version to 1.4)

2018-03-16 Version

Added cmdlets: Get-PWDocumentCaptionFromAI – use Microsoft’s Computer Vision AI Service to label photos

2018-03-06 Version

Changed cmdlets: Get-PWRichProjectReport and New-PWRichProjectsFromSpreadsheet – now support exporting and importing CONNECTed Project links.
Convert-PWAccessMaskToString – added additional mask values.
Remove-PWEmptyFolders – added a -RemoveRichProjects switch to control rich project removal. Will now leave empty rich projects by default.

2018-03-06 Version

Changed cmdlets: New-PWPowerShellScript – Added three more common script types (Archive Full, Archive Export and Archive Import) in addition to the Default.
Export-PWAccessControlToExcel – fixed bug with resolving projectstructure.xlsx

Added cmdlets: New-PWView, Get-PWRichProjectProperties, Get-PWStandardViewColumns, Get-PWEmptyLeafFolders, Remove-PWEmptyFolders

2018-03-01 Version

Added functions: ConvertTo-DataTable – converts arrary of DataRows (or any object type) to a DataTable.

Changed cmdlets: Updated all the Audit Trail cmdlets to clean up the output, include options to support pipeline input of documents and folders and support XLSX and SQLite output.

2018-02-22 Version

Added cmdlets: Set-PWAttributeGeneralSettings, Set-PWAttributeDefaultValueSettings, Set-PWAttributeUpdateValueSettings, Get-PWAttributeValueListFixedList,
Set-PWAttributeValueListSettings, Set-PWAttributeEditingSettings, Set-PWAttributeExtraValuesSettings, New-PWInterface,
Get-PWInterfaceGUIDefinition, Add-PWAttributeToInterface, Set-PWInterfaceGUILabel, Set-PWInterfaceGUILabelFont,
Set-PWInterfaceGUIPrompt, Show-PWInterfaceGUIDefinition, Get-PWFonts

Changed cmdlets: Update-PWDocumentFile (added -RemoveFile switch), Get-PWEnvironments, New-PWEnvironment, Add-PWEnvironmentColumn, Copy-PWEnvironmentColumn,
Get-PWEnvironmentColumns, Export-PWAccessControlToExcel (fixed bug with SS3/SS4 support)

2018-02-12 Version

Changed functions: Save-ClearTextToEncryptedFile – Changed to enhance secure handling of the clear-text password.

2018-02-09 Version

Added cmdlets: Get-PWConnectorToken – Generates token for use with WSG and PW Connector web service
New-PWDocumentViaWSG – Uses PW Connector which is a web service that wraps WSG to create a new document. No support for attributes yet.

Added functions: Save-ClearTextToEncryptedFile, Save-SecureStringToEncryptedFile, Get-SecureStringFromEncryptedFile, Get-ClearTextFromEncryptedFile – utility
functions for managing PowerShell secure password storage.

2018-02-06 Version

Changed cmdlets: New-PWInputOutputPerformanceReport – BIG BUG FIX: the -FileSizeK parameter was getting ignored (was defaulting to 1K), but is working now.
Added -NoCleanup switch if you want to look at the files yourself.
Get-PWDocumentAuditTrailRecords – Added action description.
Get-PWFolderAuditTrailRecords – Added action description.

2018-02-06 Version

Added cmdlets: Copy-PWConnectedProjectSettings – copies settings from on connected project to another emulating what you can do on the DM copy settings page
Show-PWFolderBrowserDialog – Show a dialog to select a folder. Selected folder can be stored in a variable or used on the pipeline.
Show-PWDocumentSelectiongDialog – Show a dialog to select one or more documents. Selected documents can be stored in variable or used on the pipeline.
Show-PWDatasources – Shows a list of the avilable datasources.

2018-02-01 Version

Added cmdlets: Get-PWInterfaceGUIDefinition – returns the GUI definition(s) for the specified environment/interface combination.
Set-PWInterfaceGUILabel – Adds a label to the specified environment/interface/attribute combination.
Set-PWInterfaceGUILabelFont – Sets the label font for the specified environment/interface/attribute combination.
Set-PWInterfaceGUIPrompt – Adds a prompt to the specified environment/interface/attribute combination.
Get-PWFonts – returns a list of available fonts on the current system.

Changed cmdlets: New-PWRichProjectsFromSpreadsheet (added -ProjectTypes parameter to allow for processing of subset of worksheets)

2018-01-29 Version

Changed cmdlets: Add-PWEnvironmentColumn (fixed problem where Administrator didn’t work right after adding column)

2018-01-26 Version

Changed cmdlets: New-PWDocumentComment (more bug fixes and help update), New-PWInputOutputPerformanceReport (bug fixes),
Add-PWSavedSearch (added support in -SearchName for naming searches with full path (e.g. Search Folder\Sub-Folder\SearchName), changed manifest

2018-01-25 Version

(manifest file changes)

2018-01-25 Version

Added cmdlets: New-PWWorkflowWithStates, New-PWPowerShellScript

Changed cmdlets: Remove-PWFolder (added help and fixed support for -FolderPath parameter), New-PWDocumentComment (bug fixes and added support for documents objects from pipeline),
New-PWInputOutputPerformanceReport (reports results to a web service now, use -OptOutOfCentralReporting if you don’t want to participate. Idea is to collect performance
data centrally and allow users to report on their results), Set-PWFolderView (added -PreviewPaneVies parameter), Get-PWFolders (added View and PreviewPaneView properties)

2018-01-22 Version

Changed cmdlets: Get-PWMonthlyLogins and Get-PWMonthlyLoginsDataTable (fixed another bug with Oracle and backup audit trail table),
Get-PWOutgoingTransmittalsReport (fixed assembly loading), Get-PWReferenceFiles (now uses -ReferenceLevel parameter)

2018-01-10 Version

Changed cmdlets: Get-PWMonthlyLogins and Get-PWMonthlyLoginsDataTable (fixed bug with Oracle and backup audit trail table),
Update-PWSQL (changed -SecretPassword to SecureString), Export-PWAccessControlToExcel (fixed bug when template not in standard location)

2018-01-05 Version

Added cmdlets: Get-PWStorageAreaReport, Get-PWFolderAuditTrailRecords

Changed cmdlets: Get-PWMonthlyLogins and Get-PWMonthlyLoginsDataTable (fixed bug with SQL Server and backup audit trail table),
Show-PWPS_DABChangeLog (added -ShowAll switch, now only shows top 20 lines by default)

2017-12-20 Version

Added cmdlets: Set-PWDocumentApplication

Changed cmdlets: Update-PWEnvironmentColumnWidth (changed to use VARCHAR2 for Oracle and NVARCHAR for SQL instead of NCHAR), Get-PWMonthlyLogins (add -WholeYear switch, always includes backup audit trail table now)
Export-PWDocuments (made some tweaks), Import-PWDocumentsBySpreadsheet (now supports the case where file names were changed in the version stack. Still requires that document names be the same through the stack.)

2017-12-18 Version

Changed cmdlets: Request-PWRemoteScriptExecution (Fixed service installer link in help. Should be

2017-12-18 Version

Added cmdlets: Request-PWRemoteScriptExecution

Changed cmdlets: New-PWDocument (Added -Application switch for creating new documents)

2017-12-12 Version

Added cmdlets: Save-PWEnvironmentViewScript

2017-12-08 Version

Added cmdlets: Get-ReferencedByReportForDocuments, Get-PWDocumentsBySearchWithReturnColumns, Get-PWFolderDocumentSize

Changed cmdlets: Get-PWDocumentsBySearch (add -ReturnDataTable switch), New-PWInputOutputPerformanceReport (added support for testing a subset of storages)

2017-11-21 Version

Added cmdlets: Show-PWPS_DABChangeLog, Get-PWUserListByMember

Changed cmdlets: Get-PWDSConfigEntry (bug fix), Copy-PWFolder (added -IncludeWorkspaceProfile switch)

2017-11-21 Version

Changed cmdlets: Import-PWDocumentsFromArchive and Export-PWDocumentsToArchive — added support for empty folders and folder descriptions.

2017-11-21 Version

Changed cmdlets: Fixed bug where paths to searches were not respected.

2017-11-21 Version

General Change: Updated to be delivered via PowerShell Gallery.

Add cmdlets: Get-PWSavedSearches

Changed cmdlets: Generally updated the cmdlets that take Saved Search names as parameters to support using a path and the -Personal switch for personal searches.

2017-11-09 Version

Add cmdlets: New-PWDocumentComment

Changed cmdlets: Save-PWDocumentReport (Added -AppendToXLSX switch), New-PWInputOutputPerformanceReport (changed dates to be formatted consistently across worksheets).

2017-10-26 Version

Changed cmdlets: Updated Excel file support.

2017-10-24 Version

Changed cmdlets: Bug fixes with regard to the folder object. Update-PWFolderSecurity should work now.

2017-10-18 Version

Changed cmdlets: Added -DoNotCreateWorkingDirectory switch for New-PWLogin. (was creating issues for users managing a lot of different datasources from the same machine).

2017-10-16 Version

Add cmdlets: Get-PWReferenceCountReportForDocuments (simpler report than Get-PWReferenceReportForDocuments where just the master document details and the
count of its unique references are returned).

Changed cmdlets: Added NestedReferenceCount member to the document object. All of the cmdlets that return document objects and support the -GetAttributes switch will
now return the count of references if you include the -GetAttributes switch. (Get-PWDocumentsBySearch).

2017-10-13 Version

Add cmdlets: Add-PWSavedSearch.

Changed cmdlets: Get-PWReferenceFiles, Get-PWReferenceReportForDocuments, Get-PWReferenceReportForFolder (fixed all of these to get all nested reference, support SQLite and DataTable output).
Import-PWDocumentsFromArchive (fixed a problem with imports to Oracle datasources)

2017-10-11 Version

Add cmdlets: Submit-PWDocumentToPrint, Merge-PWPDFs, Split-PWPDFs, and Add-PWPDFQRCode.

Changed cmdlets: Export-PWDocuments (added pipeline support for documents. This is really a copy-out with metadata).

2017-10-04 Version

Changed cmdlets: Get-PWReferenceReportForDocuments and Get-PWReferenceFiles (fixed to resolve nested references correctly).
Set-PWRichProjectResource (added support for setting rendition profiles)

2017-10-04 Version

Added cmdlets: Export-PWTagMappings, Import-PWTagMappings, Get-PWTagSets, Remove-PWTagSet

Changed cmdlets: Add-PWTagEnvironmentAttribute (updated type handling and format string generation)

2017-10-02 Version

Added cmdlets: Add-PWTagSet, Add-PWTags, Add-PWTagDocumentProperty, Add-PWTagFolderProperty, Add-PWTagProjectProperty, Add-PWTagEnvironmentAttribute

2017-09-27 Version

Added cmdlets: Remove-PWSavedSearch

Changed cmdlets: New-PWInputOutputPerformanceReport (added Verbose messaging, added a column to the storage performance report table)
Get-PWDocumentAuditTrailRecords (added IncludeSecondaryTable switch)

2017-09-17 Version

New example scripts: ScanRefs.ps1, CreateDatasource2.ps1 (updated), CreateODBC64.ps1, ImportData.ps1

Added cmdlets: Set-PWUserWorkingDirectory, Get-PWUserWorkingDirectory, Add-PWUserToGroup, Get-PWUsersInGroup, Get-PWGroupName, Get-PWUserListNames,
Get-PWUsersInUserList, Add-PWUserToUserList, Remove-PWUserFromUserList, Remove-PWUserFromGroup, New-PWUserSimple, Set-PWUserAdminRights,
Import-PWAAMFile, Export-PWAAMFile

2017-09-11 Version

Changed cmdlets: CheckOut-PWDocuments (changed copy out behavior to always include references unless -NoReferences flag is set)
Update-PWPropagateProjectPropertiesToSubProjects (allows passing regular folder. Rich project not required. Added verbose messages.)
New-PWInputOutputPerformanceReport (added table with individual storage area i/o details)

2017-09-06 Version

Changed cmdlets: Get-PWOutgoingTransmittalsReport (fixed another possible bug)

2017-09-05 Version

Added cmdlets: Add-PWPicklist, Get-PWPickList, Export-PWPickList, Import-PWPickList, Get-PWPickListItems, Remove-PWPickListItems, Remove-PWPickList

Changed cmdlets: Get-PWOutgoingTransmittalsReport (fixed possible bug)
Access control cmdlets reworked to accept pipeline input of an array of folders as returned from Get-PWFolders, etc.

2017-08-23 Version

Changed cmdlets: New-PWRichProject, New-PWRichProjectsFromSpreadsheet, New-PWRichProjectsFromDataTable (made more changes to workflow inheritance)

2017-08-23 Version

Added cmdlets: Get-PWError (Takes Error Number gives, description)
Get-PWProjectTemplates (List the Project Templates)

Changed cmdlets: New-PWRichProject, New-PWRichProjectsFromSpreadsheet, New-PWRichProjectsFromDataTable (updated all 3 to replicate workflow security properly and create new, project-specific user lists)

2017-08-22 Version

Added cmdlets: Add-PWDocumentsWithCode (Create abstract documents with document code applied)

Changed cmdlets: Update-PWDocumentFile (Added -NewFileName and -UseDocumentName parameters to rename file when replacing it)

2017-08-21 Version

Added cmdlets: Add-PWFileTypeAssociation (For Indexing, Property extraction and thumbnails)

Changed cmdlets: Get-PWUserByLastLogin (updated to use audit trail truncation table in addition to active audit trail table)
New-PWRichProject (updated to replicate workflow security)

2017-08-18 Version

Changed cmdlets: Save-PWDocumentReport (fixed date handling for AuditTrailRecordsStart and AuditTrailRecordsEnd parameters)

2017-08-15 Version

Added cmdlets: Set-PWDocumentFileUpdateTimeToNow, Add-PWMemberToGroup, Add-PWMemberToUserList

Changed cmdlets: Add-PWConnectedProject (updated to support Connected Project creation without connecting to PW Project),
New-PWDMTransmittal (updated help)

2017-08-09 Version

Changed cmdlets: Update-PWEnvironmentCopyData, Update-PWEnironmentColumnName, Update-PWEnvronmentColumnWidth
– Changed column name validation logic because this was found to be unreliable

Get-PWEnvironments, Get-PWEnvironmentColumns, Add-PWEnvironmentColumn
– Changed column name display logic to support the above changes

2017-08-08 Version

Changed cmdlets: Save-PWDocumentsReport
– Added AuditTrailRecordsStart and AuditTrailRecordsEnd parameters
– Added support for SQLite output. Will output SQLite database for any extension that’s not .xlsx

– Added AuditTrailRecordsStart and AuditTrailRecordsEnd parameters

2017-07-28 Version

Changed cmdlets: Export-PWAccessControlToExcel
– Added better help information.
– Added better error / verbose messaging.
– Added ValidateSet for ExportFileExtension to limit input to xlsx or csv.

– Added better help information.
– Added better error / verbose messaging.

– Added better error / verbose messaging.
– Added ValidateSet for OwnerType to limit input to u, ul, user, and userlist.

– Added better error / verbose messaging.
– Added ValidateSet for OwnerType to limit input to u, g, ul.

2017-07-26 Version

Added cmdlets: Set-PWFolderRenditionProfile, Get-PWFolderRenditionProfile.

Changed cmdlets: Remove-PWDocuments (added -UserSoftDelete parameter).

2017-07-24 Version

Changed cmdlets: Update-PWFolderSecurity (changed some document security handling), Copy-PWDocumentsBySearch & Remove-PWDocumentsBySearch
(added help), CheckIn-PWDocumentsOrFree (added 0 file size check), Get-PWFolderTreeDocumentSize (fixed a bug)

2017-07-19 Version

Added cmdlets: Add-PWTestDocuments, Add-PWTestDocumentsInFolders, Export-PWDocumentsToArchive, Export-PWDocumentsToDataSet,
Import-PWDocumentsFromArchive, New-PWInputOutputPerformanceReport, Select-PWSQLDataTableToSQLite
Changed cmdlets: New-PWEnvironmentsReport (added SQLite output support), CheckOut-PWDocuments (-CopyOut now defaults to working directory,
added -NoReferences and -RemoveCopies switch),
Update-PWDocumentProperies and Update-PWDocumentAttributes (added -ReturnBoolean switch to test for failed updates),
Update-PWFolderSecurity (internal fixes)