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HowTo: Export And Update Document Attributes On Import

I realise I have another post stepping through the process of updating document attributes (How To: Update Document Attributes Using PowerShell). However, I had a request for a method to export documents from ProjectWise and include a generated metadata report. Then import those documents into another folder and update the document attributes from the generated… Continue reading HowTo: Export And Update Document Attributes On Import

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PWPS_DAB Change Log

You can obtain the change log for the PWPS_DAB module from within PowerShell. Show-PWPS_DABChangeLog Shows the latest changes. Include the -ShowAll switch parameter to see the entire log file. CONTENTS PWPS_DAB Module Location: C:\Program Files\WindowsPowerShell\Modules\PWPS_DAB\XX.XX.XX.XX\pwps_dab.dll Change Log Contents: 2020-05-20 Version Changed cmdlets: Add-PWUsersToConnectedProjectByUserLists Fixed bug with -Filter and with explicit user lists entry. 2020-05-12… Continue reading PWPS_DAB Change Log

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HowTo: Get ProjectWise Design Integration Version

I've got a simple one today.  In this post, we will use the pwping.exe to determine the ProjectWise Design Integration (PWDI) software version for a specified server. Thanks to Gary Cochrane for pointing this out. The pwping.exe executable is delivered with the ProjectWise software and is located in the 'C:\Program Files\Bentley\ProjectWise\bin' directory. The pwping utility… Continue reading HowTo: Get ProjectWise Design Integration Version

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HowTo: Get Document Attributes By View

I recently had a request for assistance on how to generate a report containing document attributes for ONLY those attributes displayed within a View associated with the containing folder.  So, in this post, we will determine which view is associated with a ProjectWise folder and get a list of the columns. We will then create… Continue reading HowTo: Get Document Attributes By View

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HowTo: Using PWPS_DAB_Remoting

Within the PWPS_DAB module, there is a gem of a cmdlet that I believe has been overlooked. It's the Request-PWRemoteScriptExecution cmdlet. This cmdlet has been available since version  It is also available via from the PSGallery delivered in it's own PowerShell module, PWPS_DAB_Remoting. Using the stand alone version of the cmdlet eliminates the need… Continue reading HowTo: Using PWPS_DAB_Remoting

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HowTo: Create / Manage Lookup Tables

With the release of  the PWPS_DAB module version, we now have the ability to create and manage lookup tables within ProjectWise using PowerShell.  The purpose of this functionality is to mitigate the need to create individual ProjectWise Environments to create and manage lookup tables.In this post, we will be going through the process of… Continue reading HowTo: Create / Manage Lookup Tables