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How To: Scripting the Project Lifecycle

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In this post you will find a video from Dave Brumbaugh, where he steps through entire Project Lifecycle process via PowerShell scripting. The video is approximately 15 minutes long, however, it is well worth the time.  Much thanks to Dave B. for providing.

NOTE: Version of PWPS_DAB is required.

“First, I create the Rich Projects/Work Areas from script and create the corresponding CONNECTed Projects and the ProjectWise Share link back to the original Rich Project. Then, I upload a zip file to the project via the web portal (the only thing I don’t do via script), copy out the file, extract the files from it back into ProjectWise. Apply attributes to the new documents. Reference scan them. Create plots from the new documents and then create Deliverables Management Transmittals from the resulting PDFs. I hadn’t seen a demo from start to end of this process and I certainly hadn’t seen it scripted.”

Below is a link to download the PowerShell scripts and zip file containing the test documents used within the video.

PowerShell Script Files and Zip File

Experiment with it and have fun.

Hopefully, you find this useful. Please let me know if you have any questions or comments.

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