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HowTo: Run a ProjectWise Scan For References using PowerShell

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We’ve had many requests for the ability to run a ProjectWise Scan For References and Link Sets using PowerShell. If you were not aware, there is a scanref.exe command line utility delivered with the newer versions of ProjectWise Explorer (CONNECT Edition). I have created a PowerShell function named New-PWScanForReferences which is delivered with the PWPS_DAB module that utilizes the scanref.exe command line functionality.

This executable is located in the ProjectWise bin directory:
C:\Program Files (x86)\Bentley\ProjectWise\bin\scanref.exe

First thing to do is take a look at the available help to familiar yourself with the many parameters available. There are many parameters for this function and we will not cover them all. I am going to demonstrate a fairly straight forward scan for references process. I recommend you become familiar with all of the parameters and options.


Experiment with it and have fun.

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