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HowTo:Use New .Methods

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With this latest version of the PWPS_DAB module (version we have incorporated methods into some of the ProjectWise objects; Users, Groups, UserLists, and Workflows. Using methods allows you to get additional information related to the particular object quickly without calling other cmdlets. We will look at each of the various objects.

ProjectWise Users

Lets take a look at the ProjectWise User object first. 

There are three new methods available with the ProjectWise User object. 

# Use Get-Member and only display the available methods.
Get-PWUsersByMatch | Get-Member | Where-Object MemberType -ieq 'method'


Get Project User Object

Lets select a user to test with.

# Get User object
$pwUser = Get-PWUsersByMatch -UserName ‘brian.flaherty


Get Last Login Date / Time

The GetLastLogin will return the last date and time the selected ProjectWise User has logged in.


List Group / UserList Membership

Now lets look at the membership methods.




Hopefully, you find this useful. Please let me know if you have any questions or comments.  If you like this post, please click the Like button at the bottom of the page.

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