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How To: Log Into ProjectWise

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There are multiple ways for a user to log into ProjectWise using the PWPS_DAB PowerShell module. First thing you should always do is look at the available Help information for a cmdlet to learn what it’s used for and to get examples on how to use it. The following will return the help the New-PWLogin cmdlet.

From within PowerShell, type:

Get-Help New-PWLogin -Full

If you run the New-PWLogin cmdlet without any parameters or include the -UseGui, to display the ProjectWise Login dialog.

New-PWLogin -UseGui -Verbose


If you provide the ProjectWise Datasource name ONLY, the cmdlet will attempt to log into the provided ProjectWise Datasource using single sign-on, with the current user’s credentials.

NOTE: The Datasource format is SERVER:DATASOURCENAME

New-PWLogin -Datasource ‘MyServer:PWDatasource’ -Verbose

You can also provide the UserName and Password of the ProjectWise user account you would like to connect with.

NOTE: The password will need to be converted to a SecureString prior to passing to the New-PWLogin cmdlet.

New-PWLogin -Datasource ‘MyServer:PWDatasource’ -UserName ‘UserName’-Password (Read-Host -Prompt “Enter Password” -AsSecureString) -Verbose

You can log into a ProjectWise Datasource using a Federated user account.

NOTE: To use this functionality, the Bentley Connection Client is required.

New-PWLogin -BentleyIMS -Verbose

Typically, in order to use any of the PWPS_DAB cmdlets, the user account being used must be a member of the ProjectWise Administrator group.  However, there are some instances where a non-adminstrator user account must be used. The -NonAdminLogin switch parameter has been added to accomplish this.

NOTE: Login as a non-admin user. User must be member of “PowerShell Users” group in the datasource.

New-PWLogin -Datasource ‘MyServer:PWDatasource’ -NonAdminLogin -Verbose

New-PWLogin -Datasource ‘MyServer:PWDatasource’ -UserName ‘UserName’-Password (Read-Host -Prompt “Enter Password” -AsSecureString) -NonAdminLogin -Verbose

New-PWLogin -BentleyIMS -NonAdminLogin -Verbose

There are a couple more parameters available with the New-PWLogin cmdlet:

-DoNotCreateWorkingDirectory <SwitchParameter>  – Do not create working directory

-LoadWRE <SwitchParameter>  – Load Workflow Rules Engine

4 thoughts on “How To: Log Into ProjectWise”

  1. Is it possible to use SSO in a command? Now we have to use -UseGui every time? Is an new Option -UseSSO a possibility


      1. Hi, thanks but it does not help:
        “New-PWLogin -DatasourceName PWAccept -NonAdminLogin”
        “WARNING: Can’t get token
        WARNING: Could not retrieve token
        WARNING: Error logging in to ‘PWAccept’ 58000.
        WARNING: Attempting to use token ”

        I am not a admin but a powershell-group user


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