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How To: Force Inheritance to Parent Folder

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I recently had a request for a script to reset folder access control such that all sub-folders inherit from the Project or Parent folder. The following is what I came up with.

# Parent folder to force all subfolder to inherit from.
$ParentFolder = 'test\Parent_123456'
<# The following will return the ProjectWise folder objects
 for the parent folder and all sub-folders. #>
$PWFolders = Get-PWFolders -FolderPath $ParentFolder -Slow -Verbose

<# The following will remove the parent folder from the array.
Want to ensure the Parent folder's access control is not reset. #>
$PWFolders = $PWFolders | Where-Object { $_.FullPath -ne $ParentFolder }

# The following will reset the access control for the remaining ProjectWise folder objects.
Reset-PWFolderSecurity -InputFolder $PWFolders -AllSecurity -IncludeWorkflows -Verbose

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